The Perth Desserts You Need To Eat Now

By Kirsty Petrides - 09 May 2017

Oscar Wilde was a clever bloke. Not just for his plays and stuff, but because he made a very poignant statement:

‘The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden itself.’

Now, we don’t know how you’ve interpreted this, but for us, Oscar is clearly referring to dessert here. Life is too short isn’t it? So in light of this, here are the best Perth desserts you need to eat now.  Thirty might seem like a lot, but you’ve got a whole year. Plus, Oscar approves.

S'mores | Pleased To Meet You


Pleased To Meet You have taken good old S'mores to the next level. Next time you're there, order yourself this plate of this goodness—toasted marshmallows, insanely delicious chocolate mousse, caramel swirls all topped with mini graham crackers. Well done, guys. Just really well done.

Galaktoboureko | Brika


If you enjoy dessert so sweet that it sticks to the roof of your mouth after you’ve finished eating it, then you should get around a Greek dish called galaktoboureko. And the place you should get around it is Brika. They bake theirs like this—semolina custard infused with orange blossom, cooked in layers of filo pastry and coated in a sweet syrup. Its oh so sweet, but oh so good.

The Reverse Malteser | Young George

East Fremantle

Whose idea was this? Give us your address immediately so we can send you chocolate and flowers, or maybe just pop by to give you a real solid pat on the back. This dessert at Young George is exactly what it says it is—a malteser, but reversed. A chocolate meringue, topped with malt cream and served with maple sauce. Oh my gods, yum.

Blue Cheese And Vanilla Panna Cotta | Nic & Kolo 


Yes, you read that correctly. A blue cheese pannacotta. As if a standard panna cotta wasn’t good enough, someone at Nic & Kolo decided to make one WITH BLUE CHEESE. Turns out there is a god, guys, and she—like us—digs cheese. This incredible dessert is a perfectly cooked panna cotta featuring blue cheese and vanilla, drizzled with Karri honey, and topped with a hazelnut crumb. 

Baklava | Boucla Kafenion


This is the best baklava you’ll get without having to catch a flight to Greece. Boucla’s baklava is a rich, sweet pastry made with layers of filo and filled chopped nuts and all held together with delicious gooey honey.

Fritelle De Ricotta | Pappagallo


Doughnuts are so much more exciting when they’re Italian doughnuts, aren’t they? Pappagallo’s fritelle de ricotta dessert is homemade doughnuts crafted by their pastry chef, and filled with creamy Italian ricotta. It's topped off with authentic Italian vanilla gelato and drizzled chocolate sauce.

Toasted S’Moreo | Sugar & Nice


The name of this dessert says it all really, doesn’t it? The folks at Sugar & Nice have taken than the traditional melted marshmallows sandwiched between two cookies, and they've made decadent s’mores with everybody’s favourite cookie—the Oreo. Run, don’t walk.

Sweet Dark Cherry Pie With Cherry Cream | Side Door BBQ


If you’re not a fan of the super sweet tartness of cherries, then look away. Side Door BBQ have got the perfect way to conclude the inevitable food coma you will have after visiting their restaurant with their sweet dark cherry pie. A good old fashioned American pie filled with sweet dark cherries—and as if all that sweetness wasn’t enough, it's topped with a more than generous dollop of cherry cream. Stretchy pants will be required.

Ice Cream Sandwich | Piggy Food Co

North Fremantle

As their name would indicate, don’t go to Piggy Food Co. if you’re trying to cut back on the ol’ calories. If you’re having a treat yo’self day however, then go there immediately. Their ice cream sandwich is hands-down a bucket list dessert to try—choc chip cookies, filled with whatever flavour ice-cream the team have chosen as their flavour of the day.

Dessert Spread | Old Faithful Bar & BBQ


The team at Old Faithful know it can be hard to make a dessert decision, which is why they offer their dessert spread. It’s a selection of all three of their delectable desserts, which includes a banana stout cream pie, a chocolate honeycomb mudcake and the famous Old Faithful s’more.

Fruit Loop And Marshmallow Milkshake | Babooshka


While technically a milkshake rather than a dessert, we think Babooshka’s Fruit Loop and Marshmallow shake deserves a spot on the best Perth desserts list. Why? Because it’s a milkshake with Fruit Loops and marshmallows. That’s why.

Fritole Della Nonna | Lulu De Delizia


Any dessert that has the word ‘nonna’ in the title, insinuating that it is a recipe from someone’s old Italian nonna, will promptly be ordered by us without hesitation. Lulu De Delizia’s fritole della nonna is sweet spiced Italian doughnut served with apple and topped with sultanas and citrus zest.

Chocolate, Peanut And Salted Caramel Tart | Isle of Voyage


If you’ve been to Isle of Voyage, you know what their incredible spread of baked goods and desserts looks like—in a word, thrilling. And the chocolate peanut and salted caramel tart is no exception; we don’t really even need to explain ourselves here. Chocolate = good. Peanuts =good. Salted caramel = good. Well played, Isle of Voyage.

Dessert Board | The Flour Factory


Why just get try one dessert when you can try three? If you’re after one of the best Perth desserts, then you need to get around The Flour Factory’s dessert board. As the name suggests, it’s a board of their signature desserts, which includes a choc coconut ‘sable’ (kind of like shortbread) with choc-coconut ganache, passionfruit brulee with hazelnut and coffee meringue, and the strawberry fields, which is strawberries topped with milk crumb, elderflower cream, hibiscus and lime.

Dessert Pizza | Magna Pizza


Magna Pizza stays true to Italian tradition with their attitude to food, claiming that the meal isn’t over in Italy until something sweet (or dolce) hits the tongue. We are all about that, and think Magna’s dessert pizza is just the thing to finish your meal. A deliciously sweet home-made woodfired pizza base, covered in Nutella, and topped with strawberries and cream.

Caramel Sandwich | Whisk Creamery

Subiaco and Northbridge

This will be the best sandwich you ever eat. One of Whisk Creamery's homemade cronuts is sliced in half to make a sandwich. The filling is salted caramel gelato, and your ‘sandwich’ is then topped with fresh whipped cream and salted caramel sauce. Omg.

Bomboloni | Lena Lu


Dessert master Lena Lu has introduced the people of Perth to bomboloni—traditional hand-made Italian donuts—and for that, we are forever grateful. These aren’t just your average doughnuts, by the way. There has been a lot of traditional Italian love and care go into these. There are a few flavours to choose from, but the salted caramel and Italian custard bomboloni really takes the cake (dessert pun intended.)

Espresso Bun | Jersey Jack Gelato


If you are a fan of coffee (so, if you have a soul) you have to head down to Jersey Jack Gelato for their espresso bun. A coffee flavoured bun that is crisp on the outside and buttery on the inside, you can have it on its own, but why would you when the option to have it filled with a huge scoop of gelato is there?  

Chu Puff | Chu Bakery


The guys at super hip Chu Bakery come up with some very innovative dessert concoctions, and the Chu puff is no exception. The flavours rotate, but basically all you need to know is that it is a choux pastry puff with the top cut off; filled up until it's overflowing with some sort of deliciousness such as Valrhona chocolate, Chantilly cream or hazelnut praline; then the ‘lid’ is popped back on the top, and adorned with something fun like a stick of nougat.


Salted Peanut Caramel Tart | Mary Street Bakery

Highgate and West Leederville

Everyone’s heard of salted caramel, but PEANUT salted caramel? Now that’s a flavour combo you don’t hear about very often. The crew at Mary Street Bakery have developed this innovative creation, with their salted peanut caramel tart. A crumbly chocolate tart shell, filled with deliciously gooey peanut salted caramel, and covered with a chocolate ‘lid’.

Dessert Degustation | The Trustee Bar & Bistro


Do your sweet tooth a favour and head to The Trustee for their dessert degustation. It’s a five-course sugar extravaganza of seasonal dessert dishes. And you don’t have to feel guilty about succumbing to your sugar cravings because going to a degustation is really quite fancy and cultured.

Banana Roti | Long Chim


A deliciously rich and more-ish dessert, the banana roti at Long Chim has gained cult status for good reason. It's covered in condensed milk and a fair amount of sugar and will make you all sorts of happy inside.

Peanut Butter Cupcakes | Baked 180


The gluten-free, vegan peanut butter cupcake at Baked 180 is an absolute must try dessert in Perth. Smooth peanut butter swirled into chocolate cake, frosted with peanut butter frosting, sprinkled with crushed peanuts, and drizzled with milk chocolate, what's not to love?

Warm Sticky Date Pudding With Raw Ice Cream | The Raw Kitchen


Next time you're in Fremantle, pop into The Raw Kitchen to try their 100% gluten, dairy, refined sugar and guilt free sticky date pudding served with a generous scoop of your favourite vegan ice cream—who said delicious desserts had to be bad for you? 

Pandacotta | Neho Asian Tapas

Victoria Park

King of the cold desserts in Perth, the panna cotta at Neho is infused with pandan and is totally legit. Served with salted coconut crumble and lime coconut granita, the only thing you’ll regret is not ordering two.

Vanilla Mochi Balls | Nobu


Ice cream coated in a powder soft sticky rice cake—the vanilla mochi balls from Nobu are the! They also come in green tea and strawberry flavour, but the vanilla is the best. Just trust us.

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwich | Kitsch Bar Asia


Anything with peanut butter gets our vote, especially the peanut butter ice cream sandwich from Kitsch in Leederville. This one comes sandwiched between chocolate cookies and drizzled with salted caramel and it's easily one of our fave desserts in Perth.

Black Sesame | Measure

Mount Lawley

Ok ok, it's not open just yet, but any day now you'll be able to get your mitts on some amazing creations from former MasterChef contestant Karmen Lu at dessert bar Measure, including the epic black sesame dessert. Black sesame cremeux, topped with white chocolate rice crispies, mandarin sorbet, black sesame dacquoise, sesame nougatine and mandarin gel—it’s the perfect balance of creamy and fresh and it’s ridiculously more-ish.

Pleased To Meet You | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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