30 Things You’ll Miss When You Move Away From Perth

By Kirsty Petrides
16th Feb 2017

Perth seems to be becoming a bit of a transient place, doesn’t it? So many people are leaving to go on indefinite travels, or just move away altogether—mostly to Melbourne, Canada or London.

If we had a penny for every Facebook status we saw saying ‘Anyone know someone with a room to rent in Whistler?’ we’d probably have enough pennies to buy a whole damn house in Whistler.

So to stop the mass exodus of our beloved pals from WA, we’ve compiled a list of the 30 things you’ll miss when you move away from Perth. You can even send it to your friends who are now residing in St Kilda, Clapham and Vancouver—we bet they’ll get homesick and return real soon.

  1. Seminyak. Because it was your second home after all.
  2. Not having to deal with the beige-coloured paint that is Starbucks coffee.
  3. Being able to freely move all four limbs whilst on public transport, rather than being jammed in there with your legs crushed and your arms pinned against your torso.
  4. Or even better, actually being able to get a seat on public transport.
  5. Bumping into people you know every time you leave the house.
  6. The beaches. Obviously.
  7. Being able to wear thongs to restaurants, theatres, parties and weddings.
  8. Your car. Because you guys were probably spending a lot of time together, due to it taking about 40 minutes to get anywhere in Perth.
  9. Summer Sunday sessions.
  10. A big, punchy, delicious Margaret River cabernet sauvignon.
  11. Never knowing what a truly cold temperature feels like.
  12. Being blissfully unaware of what is happening in the world, because a shark being in the ocean and footballers getting divorced is news in Perth.
  13. The sunsets.
  14. The thrill you get when you play the unpredictable game of catching a bus. Will it come? Will it not come? Is this stick in the ground even a bus stop?
  15. Having mutual friends with every new person you meet.
  16. Quokkas. They're so damn cute.
  17. Being able to say ‘Yals’, ‘Margs’ and ‘dowth’.
  18. Rick and Sue greeting you at 6pm every night. You grew up with those two in your living room, don’t pretend you won’t miss their smiling faces.
  19. Barbeques at the park.
  20. Sweaty Christmases.
  21. The excitement that starts to fill the entire city as Summer approaches.
  22. The constant pressure to buy a house and “get on the property ladder because rent money is dead money, WHY ARE YOU MURDERING YOUR MONEY?!”
  23. The sun being out when you go to work, and the sun still being out when you go home.
  24. Perfect white beach-sand.
  25. Getting sunburnt whilst driving.
  26. Kings Park. Even though you never went, you’ll still miss it.
  27. Not having to own an umbrella.
  28. Admiring all the designer swimwear at Cottesloe Beach.
  29. The rush of adrenaline you get when you run into a shopping centre at 5.25pm and know you need to get everything you need in less than five minutes.
  30. The excitement you feel when a store that has existed in other cities for decades finally opens up in Perth. (Aldi, you glorious thing, you.)

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Image credit: Elle Borgward

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