30 Thoughts All Students Have During Exam Period

By Pim Pattanasuk
5th Nov 2017

Exam Period. It’s the equivalent of being hit by a truck or wanting to throw yourself off a bridge, but both of those are probably better options tbh. All you want to do is get on it with your mates or watch reruns of the Kardashians, but nope, the semester is over and you have to teach yourself three months’ worth of reading in a week. #RookieError

Here are 30 thoughts all students have during the exam period.

1. Ok, one last blow out to celebrate the end of the semester, then I’m going to smash my exams.
2. Oh god. I’m so hungover that I’m actually glad I won’t be going out for the next three weeks.
3. I’ll just run to the shops and grab some food to get me through.
4. I’d better get a coffee too.
5. Maybe I should clean my room before I start studying.
6. Wow, look at all these letters my friends and I wrote to each other in year three. I’d better read all of them.
7. Ok, come on. Time to start. I can’t have missed that much.
8. 12 lectures?! Oh crap.
9. 100 slides! Wow, I probably should have started earlier.
10. Why didn’t I just watch these when I was supposed to?
11. I'll definitely stay on top of things next semester.
12. I do better under pressure anyway.
13. Do I really need to pass this unit?
14. Can I realistically pay someone to sit this exam for me?
15. What’s the bare minimum mark I need to pass this unit?
16. Maybe I did well enough in my assignments to carry me through?
17. Can you die from stress?
18. I’ll just have a quick scroll through Student Problems, you know, to calm down.
19. Omg, that meme is so relatable! #ReGram
20. Maybe I can find my study buddy on Tinder?
21. Nope.
22. How much caffeine is too much? Am I going to have a heart attack?
23. What’s the minimum amount of sleep a person needs to survive?
24. Being a student sucks.
25. Should’ve done a trade instead.
26. Oh man, I am hungry.
27. Maybe I should get another coffee.
28. I’m going to be a model student next semester.
29. I might even start my reading early.
30. How many more sleeps until I can have a drink?

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Image credit: Lukas Blazek via Unsplash

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