32 Extremely Perth Things That Happened In 2016

By Anna Franklyn
23rd Dec 2016

perth 2016

Ahh, Perth, you really went all out in 2016. You did you like no one else could. To wrap up a bumper year, here's a list of pretty awesome things that happened that were just totally Perth.

  1. Everyone wanted to jump on the glamping bandwagon.
  2. And the camping bandwagon for that matter.
  3. Doughnut cones came and took over the Instagram feeds of Perth.
  4. Ramen finally hit the radar of all the Perth peeps.
  5. We also went crazy for dumplings. And banh mi. And bao. We really do love Asian street food.
  6. We got our own Dinner en Blanc and we all looked so dang pretty for a night.
  7. We had a festival in celebration of our lord and saviour, cheese.
  8. And then the first dedicated cheese bar announced it was launching in 2017 and everyone nearly died.
  9. Lord of the Fries finally made its way to the streets of Perth!
  10. Hole in the wall coffee shops became way cooler than regular ol’ cafes.
  11. We all wanted a summer bod without having to exercise #fitspoforlyfe.
  12. What did we even drink before frosé?
  13. Perth got the first ever licensed beach bar because we are the best city in all of Australia.
  14. Fairy bread is still our favourite snack.
  15. We got an epic dinner deal in Northbridge thanks to the peeps at No Mafia, Francoforte and ChiCho Gelato that Perthlings could not get enough of.
  16. Sharks continued to terrorise the waters of WA.
  17. Spiked doughnuts are the only kind of doughnuts we want now.
  18. All of the beachside eateries opened.
  19. UberEATS and Deliveroo hit Perth… finally.
  20. Subiaco got cool again.
  21. And so did Barrack Street.
  22. Apparently people started drinking non-caffeinated drinks?
  23. Qantas confirmed a non-stop flight between Perth and London. Here’s how to survive it.
  24. We continued our love for smashed avo and still won’t be able to buy a house in 2017.
  25. Mary Street Bakery continued their mission to take over the world by opening at QV1 and announcing another store in Allendale square for 2017.
  26. Mack Daddy’s arrived in Perth and sold out of over 120kgs of cheese in their first weekend because Perth peeps love cheese.
  27. Everyone went nuts for indoor plants.
  28. Fish and chips got fancy.
  29. People started going to Kings Park, but only to play Pokémon Go.
  30. You all proved your love for your four-legged friends the most by taking them to these dog-friendly cafes and on these dog-friendly walks and hikes.
  31. Sir David Attenborough announced he was coming back to grace us with his presence.
  32. And ice cream in a fish cone became a thing?

2016 was also a pretty big year for restaurants, bars and cafes opening in P-town—here are 16 of the best!

Image credit: Elle Borgward

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