5 Of Our Fave WA Kombucha Brews

By Kristy Warren
2nd Apr 2016

5 Of Our Fave WA Kombucha Brews, Perth Kombucha, Kombucha Perth, Where To Get Kombucha In Perth

Fancy a brew? Move over beer, and keep your tea bags in the pantry—we’re talking about Kombucha, the gut friendly elixir that is the health nerd’s answer to craft beer.

Kom-what-cha you say? Good question! It’s a tea-based drink, made through a fermentation process involving a natural culture, which results in a delicious beverage that is jam-packed with alllll the goods including probiotics, good bacteria, and enzymes. Side effects include increased energy, improvement to digestion and boosted immunity—you have been warned!

The slightly sweet, subtly tart, fizzy, fermented tea dubbed ‘booch’ has been around for centuries but has only recently carved a name for itself on our local grocery shelves. Thanks to our newfound love of all things fermented, Kombucha is fast gaining street cred with foodies and health conscious hippies alike.

When hunting down your next booch fix be sure you keep your eyes peeled for our top picks, all freshly brewed right here in WA #supportlocal.

The Juicist

World famous in Perth for their delicious cold-pressed juice range, the team at The Juicist are dedicated to providing nutrient dense, mouth quenching juices—fresh from the farm and straight to ya bottle. After mastering the art of juice, these guys were ready for a new challenge of brewing the perfect batch of Kombucha. Keeping their ingredients to a minimum, The Juicist knows that sometimes it’s best not to over complicate things, resulting in simple, fresh and irresistible flavours. See a full list of stockists here. 

Gypsy Elixir

Organic, 100% raw, handcrafted and made with love in Freo—it’s easy to fall head over heels for Gypsy Elixir's unique range of Kombucha. Every bottle is infused with high quality medicinal herbs, plants and superfoods, designed to support health and vitality. There are four yummy flavours to choose from, each pack a punch and a health benefit to match! Check out their website for the full range. These guys also sell beautifully packaged DIY kombucha kits if you fancy whipping up your own batch of bubbly health tonic. Happy fermenting!

Kommunity Brew

Shaking up Australia’s drinking culture is trio team Mason, Beau and Jarred. The lad’s that head up Kommunity Brew believe that kombucha is the coffee for the spiritualist, beer for the health-minded and refreshment for the world-adventurer. You can catch these guys around town, keeping punters hydrated at community events with their mobile kombucha bar. That’s right team, booch on tap! Check out their website to see where you can find a full list of joints that stock these bodacious brews. 

Rok Kombucha

Roking the booch scene down south is Rok Kombucha, with three delish flavours that have locals swapping out their regional wines for the fizz! Show your guts a little love and pop open a cold one on your next roady to Margies. We love the Ginger Pop infused with cold pressed lemon and ginger, the perfect blend to nip any autumn flu in the bud #bubbleswithbenefits! See the full range of stockists online

Alkomy Kombucha

If it’s exotic flavours that you seek, make sure you check out the kombucha at Alkomy. Owner, Fiona describes her booch as ‘soul medicine’ and produces blends that will keep you coming back for more. Try her pomegranate brew if you’re feeling fruity or kick it into third gear with the ginger and turmeric. A new addition to the Alkomy family is kombucha coffee, a refreshingly delicious, non-dairy, raw coffee drink—we are sold! You will find Alkomy kombucha on tap at The Little Shop of Plenty in Maylands, and available by bottle at a range of stockists found here.

Image Credit: Ridhwaan Moolla

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