50 Essential Tips For First Time Microadventurers

By Henry Brydon
10th Aug 2016

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Microadventuring is the new black.

If you’re interested in the alluring world of microadventure (cheap, simple, local escapes that cram the spirit of a big adventure into an amazing weekend away) then you should be aware that camping is at it’s fiery core.

Below are 50 hard earned nuggets of camping wizardry that have come from years of experimentation with expert as well as wet-behind-the ears campers. 

Read, digest and see you in the wild!

  1. To earn the true right to camp, incorporate an activity to get there (bike/surf/paddle).
  2. Do your research before you go. Toilet facilities, water, weather etc.
  3. Bugs are more annoying than ppl hu typ lyk dis. Pack your bug spray and check for red-ant nests before pitching your tent.
  4. Prepare for the worst, expect the best.
  5. Buy the best quality gear your hard-earned dollar allows. You’re going to love this, you’re going to do it again, and you’ll be furious with yourself when you head back to the camp shop to upgrade.
  6. If you can, go with someone who has done it before. You can show them up next time.
  7. The trick is to start small and build up with your micros. Kick it off with a hike and camp combo. You’ll be speedflying into camp by 2017.
  8. Pack hand sanitiser gel.
  9. Zip lock bags will quite literally save your bacon (and a heap of other items).
  10. Your tent is your new second home. It’s nice to have a lovely holiday retreat, so beg, steal or borrow the best you can. 
  11. Don’t steal.
  12. Rain is pretty crap. But it’s not an adventure-ender. Be prepared for it and you’ll be fine.
  13. Get a sleeping bag that’s cosier than the penthouse suite at the Hilton. 
  14. Try before you buy is a good option. The team at Camp Now will sort you out.
  15. Bring a map and compass. Might seem old school these days, but it too will also save your bacon.
  16. You may look slightly special, but test driving your new gear in the garden or living room is actually a really smart move. Don’t use someone else’s living room.
  17. Insulate yourself from the ground using a self-inflating mattress. 
  18. Wear your hiking shoes in before a big walk. This avoids big, juicy blisters.
  19. The camp feast is the most rewarding dinner you’ll ever have. Make it count.
  20. Be prepared, be present and switch off. #digitaldetox 
  21. LEAVE NO TRACE. Where you camp should be left exactly how you found it.
  22. Bring an extra pair of thick socks.
  23. Bring fire starting equipment but don’t depend on fires.
  24. Please, whatever you do, do not forget your head torch.
  25. Save your plastic bags from the shop, they’ll double up as bins, ponchos, mat and wet clothing decontamination capsules. 
  26. Fold away some tin foil. 
  27. Pack a few rolls of toilet paper. Trust us!
  28. Let your friends know where you’re going before you leave, just in case you go MIA.
  29. Bring a small stove.
  30. Share your gear amongst your friends, you don’t need one of everything (e.g. mozzie repellent or stove).
  31. Sleep with your feet down hill.
  32. Don’t leave your rubbish somewhere accessible for possums or dropbears.
  33. Always ensure you spend some time looking up at the stars.
  34. Campsite selection is key—try to avoid the crowds and find your own slice of Eden.
  35. Don’t be a fool, pack your cagoule (aka. A raincoat).
  36. NEVER leave your fire unattended.
  37. Pack sunscreen.
  38. Pack a beanie.
  39. Put a tarp under your tent.
  40. On the way home make a list of what you used/didn’t use. Refine your packing list for next time while it’s still fresh.
  41. Pack warm clothes.
  42. Pack duct tape.
  43. Looks and hygiene will go out of the window. Be dirty, be smelly, be free.
  44. Setting up in the dark is challenging. Always aim to get to camp when there is still light.
  45. Bring your Leatherman—useful for everything from opening cans to gutting fish (to cook using #29).
  46. Always pack for cooler weather regardless of how warm it is.
  47. Pick a campsite with good drainage (preferably on a slight slope).
  48. Plan on simple meals at first, pre-made frozen meals are a winner.
  49. Pack lots of water and bring a Steripen or Water filter.
  50. Most importantly, have a ridiculously fun time.

Image Credit: Gary Parker

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