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50 Things To Do In Perth When You Can’t Afford A Holiday

By Kirsty Petrides
13th Jun 2017

Who doesn’t love a holiday? Being able to escape real life for a while is such a treat. However, the thing about airfares is that they’re kind of expensive. Luckily for you we have come up with 50 things to do right here in Perth when you can’t afford to jump on a plane. Whether you want to just relax, escape the daily grind or pretend you’re somewhere else entirely—we’ve got you covered.

Here are 50 things to do in Perth when you can't afford a holiday.

  1. Pretend you’re in Italy by enjoying prosecco and gnocchi alfresco at No Mafia.
  2. Be a local tourist some more and go explore Kings Park. With a picnic of wine and cheese, obviously.
  3. Treat yourself to a full day of calmness at the Beaconsfield Yoga Ashram.
  4. Get out of the city and hike up Sullivan's Rock in Mount Cook.
  5. Go to Morocco by dining on tagine at Meeka Restaurant in Subiaco.
  6. Download Duolingo and learn the language of the country you’d rather be in.
  7. Get away from the hustle and bustle by going strawberry picking at Bullsbrook Strawberry Farm.
  8. Go for a picturesque riverside walk through Applecross and finish with a delicious brunch at Nic and Kolo.
  9. Learn how to be an expert gardener at one of the gardening courses at Perth City Farm.
  10. Be a local tourist at Lizzie Quay. It was expensive, so make the most of it.
  11. Have a beachside beer on the sand at Bathers Beach House.
  12. Chuck the tent in the car and head south to climb Bluff Knoll. Pack wine and cheese for the top.
  13. Go snorkelling at Marmion Marine Park, then have breakfast at Voyage.
  14. Pretend you’re enjoying the street food of Thailand at Bangkok Brothers.
  15. Got for a coastal walk along West Coast Highway, and then treat yourself with a smoothie from Yelo.
  16. Pack up your bikes, jump on the train to the Swan Valley and do the Swan Valley cycling and wine tour.
  17. Go lap up the sunshine, cheese and wine at Mandoon Estate.
  18. Get away from it all by escaping to a rooftop—like Sweetwater Rooftop Bar.
  19. Make like you're in Spain by ordering all the tapas at Pinchos Bar de Tapas.
  20. Go enjoy the serene tranquillity of the waterfalls at Serpentine Falls.
  21. Learn to scour the markets and cook Chinese with the good people from Wandering Wok in Northbridge.
  22. Be a local tourist in Freo. Roam the streets, stroll down the cafe strip and finish with a wine at Strange Company.
  23. Leave all your problems on the shore and go twilight sailing at the South of Perth Yacht Club.
  24. If a ferry ticket isn't too much for you to splurge, go to Rotto. Because amazing.
  25. Pretend you're in Tokyo by going for a Japanese degustation at Marumo.
  26. Escape life by heading underground to Alfred’s Pizzeria for pizza and old school beats.
  27. Pretend you're in France by heading to P'tite Ardoise Bistro in Mount Lawley for their immersion dining experience. The waiters will only speak French to you whilst serving you their delectable French cuisine.
  28. Go do free beer sampling at Little Creatures.
  29. Go to the Ferguson Valley wine region. It's only two hours from Perth.
  30. If Venezuela is where you'd rather be, go to Angel Falls Grill.
  31. Go chocolate and wine pairing at Providore in the Swan Valley.
  32. Pretend you're in Greece by ordering the ouzo, saganaki and roasted lamb at Brika.
  33. Melt your worries away at Bodhi J's Pier Street day spa. You'll feel like you're in Bali from the minute you walk in.
  34. Pretend you're in Vietnam and order all the tasty things from Okay Vietnamese in Northbridge.
  35. Calm yourself with a yin and meditation class at Tonic Yoga.
  36. Take a cooking class! We love Salt & Company, Elementi and Matters of Taste Cooking School.
  37. Pretend you're holidaying in India by enjoying sensational curry at Mother India in Fremantle.
  38. Get ice cream. Ice cream makes everything better. Especially when it's from Gusto.
  39. Hike up Melon Hill in Swanbourne and then have breakfast at The Shorehouse afterwards.
  40. Go admire the solar system at Gingin Observatory.
  41. Give stand up paddle boarding a whirl.
  42. Go for a massage at the fancy day spa at The Como.
  43. Have a lazy Saturday morning at some of Perth’s farmers markets.
  44. Kick back and enjoy the sunset and a wine at Il Lido in Cottesloe. That’s just as good as being on holiday if you ask us.
  45. Make like you’re in the US of A by enjoying hot dogs and hip hop at Brooklyn Lounge in Claremont.
  46. Take on the Manning Stairs and enjoy the view of the glorious Indian Ocean once you get to the top.
  47. Pack the tent and sleeping bag and drive up to Cervantes for some R&R. It’s only a few hours away.
  48. Get fish and chips at Cottesloe Beach and watch the sunset.
  49. Pretend you’re filthy rich holidaying in the Hamptons by going to Hamptons City Beach.
  50. Stay at home and make a budget so you can save better and afford to go on a holiday.

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Image credit: Kat Wray

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