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6 Of Our Fave Local Health Food Companies

By Lisa O'Neill
7th Apr 2016

With Easter well and truly over, the urge to eat extra healthily ramps up again to balance things out (#lindtbunniesforbreakfast #noregrets). So, how about some amazing, locally-produced health foods to get you firmly tooting the good nutrition train?

Here are six of our faves.

Health Nut Foods

Recover from all the sugar you've been eating lately with some organic, nutty protein and healthy fats from Health Nut Foods. You haven’t lived until you’ve had the Vanilla Cashew Macadamia butter melted upon a hot slice of sourdough toast. Or slice up a crunchy apple and dip it in the glorious Maple Pecan butter.

Kommunity Brew

These Perth lads have created the perfect antidote to too many glasses of wine/beer/mojitos over summer. You can pretty much pretend the KB kombucha is a glass of something cheeky because they’re so refreshing and delicious (and without the tang of some other brands – the balance of this booch is juuust right). And bonus, you’ll wake up the next morning hangover-free and feeling nourished. Winning.


Most Perth cafes have got on the raw goodies bandwagon and this local company is making some of the best. Created by Laila Gampfer, who has Italian heritage and was understandably devastated when diagnosed with Coelic disease, she created these gluten-free bites of heaven to provide a healthier option when you fancy a treat. So if your tastebuds are still going coco loco (we feel you, the addiction is real), a piece of Rawsome Carawmel Slice should see you through.

Green St Kitchen

Want to take your salad to next level delicious, while making it even healthier? Get nomming from a jar of Green St Kitchen’s fermented delights including the newest member of their family, Black Miso and Garlic Kimchi. This gut-healing food will aid digestion, and provide a dose of healthy bacteria and vitamins. Plus it’s a taste sensation.

I AM Foods

The clever cookies who brought us the prettiest yoga studio in Perth, Mind Body Heart, have also developed a health food range that will nourish our insides too. Each packet of superfood is labelled with a positive affirmation like “I am in the now” for their cacao nibs (and where else would you want to be while knocking back chocolate?!), “I am mighty” for their maca powder (maca is supposed to rev up your sex life, you’re welcome guys *wink) and “I am gorgeous” for their goji berries. Eating good food while talking nice to yourself – you’ll be kapowing the shizz out of life after that. Get on it, gang.

Nature’s Harvest

These Cottesloe health mavericks have come up with the perfect way to start your day by turning their turmeric latte into a take home sachet so you can whip up a mug in the morning without getting out of your PJs. While turmeric is the queen ingredient here, providing you a dose of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant goodness, there’s also cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, chili, vanilla and black pepper. So instead of shocking your body into life with coffee first thing, ease it into the day with a warm cup of turmeric latte which will balance blood sugar levels, kick the metabolism into action gently and boost mental wellness. Put the kettle on, darl’.

Looking for more healthy food in Perth? Search Health on The Directory!

Image credit: I AM Foods

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