9 Ways To Make Flying More Bearable While You’re Still On The Ground

By Chloe Sputore
14th Jun 2017

You either love flying or you hate it, but there are some surefire ways to make your journey in the air more bearable while your feet are firmly planted on the ground. From sneaky upgrade tips to free wifi hacks, we've buddied up with Perth Airport to bring you 9 ways to make your next overseas trip a breeze.

PSA: If you haven’t been to T1 International at Perth Airport recently, you’re in for a real treat when you’re next skyward bound. They’ve just added a whole lot more tasty food and beverage options for you to enjoy before you go through customs to make flying more fun again.

Without further ado, here are 9 ways to make your next overseas trip a breeze.

You're welcome!

#1 Fill Up On Food

The most important step! It’s no secret that plane food is as basic as it gets, so you’ll want to fill up on delicious eats while you’re still on the ground. The newly refurbished Perth Airport T1 International has plenty to offer in the food and drink department.

The Crafty Swan Kitchen & Bar

Head to The Crafty Swan Kitchen & Bar on the ground floor for your fill of breakfast, lunch and dinner delights. For brekky we can't get enough of their tasty breakfast skillet, loaded with Margaret River free range eggs, Mondo's double smoked bacon, roasted cherry tomatoes, a pork and parsley sausage, portabello mushies, avo and artisan toast. For lunch you can't go past the tiger prawn spaghettini with tomato sugo, parsley and garlic or their award winning pie tasting plate. And for dinner it's got to be their succulent 250g ribeye and a glass of red of course. Order a round of espresso martinis, first class bloody marys or mojitos to kick your holiday off in style in the courtyard out front.  

Long Neck Public House

Long Neck has got your carby cravings covered (as well as some boozy shakes to take the edge off), so you’re sure to be lulled into the food coma of all food comas upon taking off. If you're wearing your stretchy pants go for the buttermilk fried chicken waffles—a tall stack of bacon, fluffy waffles and fried chicken topped with maple syrup—they taste like heaven. They've also got some delish loaded fries, cheeseburgers and pizzas, plus, come breakfast time the crew dish out a winning smashed avo, tasty eggs benny and some healthy acai bowls. You'll find these guys on level one, before heading into the customs area. 

Harvest Food Store

Head to Harvest Food Store on level one for some healthier alternatives like oat porridge with berry compote and toasted almonds for breakfast and sweet corn fritters for lunch or dinner. There's also a delicious braised pork belly dish with apple and fennel slaw, a mean burger served with caramelised onions, spicy tomato relish and fries and a juice bar blending fresh and delicious juices and smoothies.


If you’re after a sweet treat, Italian cafe Macchinetta on level one has you covered with a large variety of cakes, pastries and cannolis, as well as grab and go ciabattas, salads, lasagne and granola. The baristas here are pretty darn talented at latte art and the coffees and hot chocolates are the best you'll find in the airport. Save room for the most decadent bombolini (Nutella-filled doughnut) you'll ever taste.

#2 Grab Some Reading Material

Flying is the best excuse for stocking up on trashy magazines, and the best bit—aside from your seating companions, no one will be able to see what you’re reading so there’s no shame to be had. Grab three magazines for $10 from Trader Travelwell or Link and away you go!

#3 Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

We all know that flying makes you dehydrated AF, so start hydrating like crazy when you reach the airport. If the thought of skulling plain ol’ H2O makes you want to punch yourself in the face, Juice & Bean has all your cold pressed juice needs sorted. All juices are pressed, bottled and sold on site, so you’re getting the freshest of the fresh. If you’re not already full to the brim from all of the snacks, their made to order sandwich bar has all of the primo ingredients, and you can head out to the al fresco dining area to enjoy some fresh air before you’re in the air.

#4 Make The Most Of Free WIFI

If you’re addicted to social media like we are you’ll want to spend a bit of time browsing Facebook or the ‘Gram prior to your flight, so sign up to free WIFI goodness so you don’t eat into your data. Download a few movies on iTunes, or maybe the latest ep of House of Cards, and scroll like you’ve never scrolled before because the Internet will be non-existent for the next what feels like forever.

#5 Charge Your Devices

Ain’t nothin’ worse than an iPad, Kindle or laptop that runs out of battery while you’re mid-journey, especially when you’re travelling on a budget airline with no TV screen to keep you occupied. Scope out those power points and charge away! And if you forgot your charger, head to Tech 2 Go to pick up a replacement so you don't have any phone woes while you're away. 

#6 Stock Up On Snacks

If you’re seated at the back of the plane it can take a long time for the food cart to get to you so you want to make sure you have ample snacks on hand, especially if you’re setting out on a long haul flight. Don’t forget to pack some mints, because let’s be real, you’re not brushing your teeth on the plane.

#7 Freshen Up

Washing your face and hands before you hop on that plane will ensure you feel like a human being for the duration of your flight. If you’re lucky enough to have lounge access, having a shower will make you feel like you’ve won at life. Be sure to pack some hand sanitizer so you can de-bug mid-flight too. And when you hit the duty free zone spritz some perfume on your neck and pulse points.

#8 Ask For An Upgrade

Never underestimate the power of asking for an upgrade, they can only say no after all. And when you’re sitting up the pointy end, with a free champagne in hand you will not regret it! Check out 8 Ways To Bag A Flight Upgrade for some hints.

#9 Buy A Travel Book For Your Destination

Booked your plane tickets but forgot to plan your holiday? It ain’t no thing. Head into Link and buy a travel book for the destination you’re heading to so you can spend your entire flight plotting what you want to eat, drink, do and see. Bon voyage!

Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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