90 Legitimate Reasons To Bring Back The 90s

By Simone Jovel
1st Jul 2017

If you grew up in the good ol’ days (aka the ‘90s) yesterday was a big one. The moment Nintendo dropped potentially the best news of the week (well, besides the fact that rosé smelling deodorant is now a thing that exists), announcing the Super NES Classic Edition is returning to all of our lives.

But we reckon the fun doesn’t need to stop there. There are a plethora of bloody great things that we all have the ‘90s to thank for. So take a trip down ol’ memory lane with us, tag your mates, and travel back to when A*mazing was on TV, Brendan Fraser was the movie hero of the silver screen, and Britney did it again.

Prepare for all of the feels.

  1. Kate Moss and Johnny Depp just loving each other.
  2. Rocking out to your MiniDisc player.
  3. Making bae (or your soon-to-be bae) a mix tape.
  4. Walkmans (and your solid CD collection, displayed proudly in their very own CD holder).
  5. Being rich in Tazos is the closest to wealth any of us are getting.
  6. Creeping the shit out of your mum with brain yo-yos.
  7. The O.G 90210.
  8. People immediately understood what you mean when you’d shout “Marry Me Travis!” because they wanted to marry him too. 
  9. While we’re all here, could the coloured Gameboy come back too ploise?
  10. Having one family gaming device and going sharesies, because one device per child seemed just ludicrous to your ‘rents. 
  11. Razor scooters.
  12. VCRs—if you don’t know what this is why are you even here?
  13. Saving up your coins for the latest Polly Pocket.
  14. Getting all our life advice from Dolly Doctor.
  15. The ‘90s was your time for peak jam consumption—don’t act like you didn’t try to collect all of the Looney Tunes Space Jam glasses.
  16. Lusting after that J-Lo Dress only to be told hell-to-the-no by every grown up in your life.
  17. Life or death Super Soaker battles.
  18. Reaching peak life goals when you fiiiiiiiinally hit the top level of Snake.
  19. Waking up to Cheese TV = setting yourself up to live your best life. 
  20. James Sherry, A*mazing and his Monkeys. 
  21. Brendan Fraser, just in general.
  22. Three-year-old Mary Kate & Ashley. 
  23. Writing your own notes to get out of P.E (or was that just me?).
  24. Mood rings.
  25. Slap bracelets.
  26. Proudly pulling out a wad of bubble tape from your backpack. 
  27. Going to the movies to see classics like Billy Madison.
  28. Actually hanging out in a library and learning things.
  29. Knowing bae was worth it when they called the house phone. A text = lazy AF.
  30. Those pre-Google days when you just didn’t know shit, and were fine with it.
  31. Fresh Prince Of Bel Air weeknights on Ten.
  32. Heartbreak High. Oh Drazic <3.
  33. Pizza Hut Works Birthday Parties (anyone else really want to make a spider right now?).
  34. Getting your fitspo on with Skip It! 
  35. Spice Girls' style platform sneakers.
  36. Or just the Spice Girls, really.
  37. Saturday morning Rage.
  38. Taping Saturday morning Rage to avoid waiting an entire week to hear YOUR song.
  39. Speaking of taping, you don’t know gratitude until you’ve managed to tape your fave song on the Hot Hits and managed to hit stop BEFORE the ad at the end.
  40. Parachute pants.
  41. A naughty Hugh Grant.
  42. 1800-Reverse. Wait, is this still a thing?
  43. Friends. The golden years of TV.
  44. Birthday cakes from the Women’s Weekly Birthday Cakes book...When did we all get so boring, I want a cake in the shape of a piano, dammit. 
  45. Wearing Lip Smackers in every flavour imaginable being a totally acceptable use of your allowance.
  46. Ah, allowance.
  47. Being so on-trend in your giant flower hat.
  48. While we think of it, naps. 
  49. That moment when you first heard California Love by Tupac.
  50. Everybody just accepting that Romy and Michelle invented Post-Its.
  51. Holding your side ponytail up high and proud with a massive scrunchy.
  52. Butterfly hairclips. Completely useless for keeping your hair out of your face, but they were damn cool!
  53. Loving just how risky AF Uma Thurman was in Pulp Fiction.
  54. Also hair scrunchies in general—you know you had one for every single mood. Side note: yes, we know you can still get scrunchies, but we want to go back to a time when errrrrrrrryone rocked it like no one’s business. 
  55. The Secret World Of Alex Mack. 
  56. And all of Alex’s hats.
  57. The Babysitter’s Club and the aptly named, Babysitter’s Little Sisters Club.
  58. Asking for The Rachel, and only The Rachel haircut, for the better part of the decade. 
  59. Goosebumps.
  60. When reality TV = The Mole.
  61. Pogo balls and pogo sticks. 
  62. Britney and JT rocking #couplegoals and that’s before their double denim moment.
  63. Blow up furniture. The best.
  64. Fluffy pens elevated your status to instant on fleek.
  65. The original Troll dolls. And the ones you put at the end of your pencils. 
  66. Writing long juicy letters to your school friends. God help kids these days with Facebook.
  67. Three letters—MSN.
  68. The only word to follow Destiny was Child. 
  69. Dial-up Internet.
  70. Never knowing the feeling of accidentally liking your crush’s post from 10 months ago.
  71. Your knowledge of every single word of My Heart Will Go On counted as a legit skill. Thanks Celine.
  72. Also, proudly reciting every word spoken between Jack and Rose.
  73. Pay phones.
  74. Wanting Cher’s virtual wardrobe in Clueless. Still wanting it now.
  75. Accessorising with stick-on earrings from the newsagent.
  76. Knowing you’re ready for children because you can keep your Tamagotchi alive for more than three days.
  77. You had an adult to cook for you. Now you’re just a hungry adult.
  78. Summer was actually hot, winter was cold, the world made sense.
  79. It was still highly probable that the celeb you loved would love you too.
  80. You could order from the kids’ menu.
  81. SATC taught you everything you need to know about love, life, and the world.
  82. Wasssssssuuuuuuuup!
  83. No Doubt, Just A Girl, ‘nuff said.
  84. You actually watched TV, and then discussed it on the home phone after.
  85. It was always a three-way call. And not in a dirty way.
  86. You didn’t have to be completely wasted to do the Macarena.
  87. Backstreet Boys posters were a highly legitimate form of wall art.
  88. Getting your life in order pre Y2K.
  89. Watching the adults celebrate surviving Y2K. Idiots.
  90. Going back to the exact moment you first heard N’Sync. That’s history people.

Image credit: Alana Bread

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