Which Bachelorette Finalist Are You?

By Ben Tyers
25th Oct 2017


The final week is here and who the bloody hell will Sophie even choose?

You've got perfect angel Apollo, who is literally too good for all of us. Then there's Jarrod, who started out all nice and helpful but turned into a severe clinger psychopath who only talks about people pissing on his pot plant. And then we have Stu. The dad of the bunch, when Stu's not appearing on SBS social experiments and sailing about Sydney Harbour on his yacht, you'll find him chasing after Sophie in a last minute dash for happiness.

Personally, I'm still trying to get over her cold-hearted dumping of James last week, I'm still shedding tears.

But what if you could imagine yourself as one of the Bachelorette finalists, are you Apollo? Are you Stu? God forbid, are you Jarrod?

Take the quiz below and let's finally put it to rest. Which Bachelorette finalist are you?

If the quiz isn't displaying properly for you, head here to see the quiz.


Image credit: Tenplay

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