Beaux Lane | Is This Perth’s Coolest Laneway?

By Chloe Sputore
6th Apr 2016

Beaux Lane | Is This Perth’s Coolest New Laneway?, Perth, Mount Lawley, Perth Cafes, Perth Restaurants

You wouldn’t think a tiny little laneway could transform a suburb, but this seems the case when it comes to Beaux Lane in Mount Lawley.

For a while there, we were a little worried this leafy little ‘burb had lost its way, with the closure of Planet Video, restaurants shutting down and some errr questionable new openings—but it seems Mount Lawley is back, and with a super cool night-time vibe to boot.

Beaux Lane is home to Pepper Lunch (aka my favourite any-time food), Health Freak Cafe and Asian tapas sensation Miss Potz, with some more new openings on the way shortly.

The laneway seems to be bustling any time of the day or night, with people brunching, lunching and dining under pretty fairy lights. Here’s the lowdown on what this little lane has to offer.

Pepper Lunch

If you enjoy DIY meals, you'll love Pepper Lunch. Serving tasty Japanese fare which you cook on a piping hot 260 degree teppan at your table, our top picks on the menu have to be the classic beef pepper rice (with added kimchi) and the salmon pepper rice, served with Pepper Lunch's unique margarine, corn guessed it...loads of roasted black pepper. If you’re feeling skinny, add cheese! Mix it all up to cook to your liking and add some sweet or garlic sauce (or both) and enjoy, just don't burn your mouth!

Health Freak Cafe

Health Freak Cafe in Mount Lawley is kicking goals all over the place. They cater to just about every diet you could possibly imagine and are still serving killer breakfasts, mouth-watering burgers, delish salads and a huge range of smoothies and juices. Throw in acai bowls and Cocowhip and we're sold. We quite enjoy the protein beef and haloumi burger as well as the thai beef salad.

Miss Potz

We love Asian food and tapas so when we heard Miss Potz were combining the two we were freakin’ excited! Serving goodies like rendang sliders, sticky chicken wings, soft-shell crab papaya salad and tom yum mussels, Miss Potz is open for lunch Friday to Sunday and dinner Tuesday to Sunday. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of wine, this bad boy is BYO!

Looking for more places to hit up in Mount Lawley? Search the Directory!

Image Credit: Nancy Hanna

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