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8 Local Craft Beers You’ll Be Drinking This Summer

By Claire Rousset
13th Dec 2017

West Aussies have a huge thirst for beer and while there’s ALWAYS a time and place for the undisputed king of beer, the humble red can (Emu Export, duh), sometimes it’s nice to put down the bush chook and indulge in something with a little more depth.

Western Australia has produced some incredible breweries over the last decade, but with some of them being bought out by large multinationals we thought we’d run through a few of our favourite beers produced by breweries that are still truly West Australian.

In case you need more convincing here are some fun facts about this golden nectar. It makes people of the opposite sex waaay more attractive. It also helps white people dance. And if you thought that craft beer is reserved for those with top knots, sleeves or who play bass in a band, you’d be wrong. So put down your mass produced, watery swill cos we’ve got you covered with some choice brewskies that will wet your whistle over summer.

Gage Roads ALBY

When a brewery is producing beers as good as Little Dove and Single Fin, you don’t want them to change a single fin (sorry!). But the team at Gage Roads has a new line of beers, and these easy drinking lagers do not get more local. ALBY crisp is a light bodied, mildly bitter mid-strength beer and the ALBY draught is a classic no fuss full strength lager, which rumour has it will be served next year at the new Perth Stadium. Would pair nicely with a Mrs Mac’s pie at the footy #classy.

Nail Brewing Mid Very Pale

The award winning owner operators at Nail Brewing are back at it with the Mid Very Pale. This beauty is low in alcohol but not in flavour. It has subtle floral tones, strong citrus and stone fruit characters with a refreshingly bitter finish, much like my last relationship. This delicious drop will be made available to the public any day now, just in time for all the designated drivers on Christmas Day.

Mash Brewing NEIPA

Here’s a fresh take from the Swan Valley crew, this mid-strength New England IPA is ripe! This inspired iteration not only creates a full mouthfeel (yep I just said mouthfeel) who’s haze would be the envy of most mid-strengths but also allows the hops’ juicey peach and apricot characters to shine through before building to a dry and mildly bitter finish.

Nowhereman Oxford St Common

This local brewery in West Leederville is open to the public Wednesday to Sunday and they dish up some delicious pizzas. It’s also where you can find the Oxford St Common. The beautiful amber colour of this beer is reflective of its malty goodness. It’s also a little fruity (aren’t we all?) but this is all balanced out with a solid bitterness (also us).

Eagle Bay Pale Ale

A refreshingly tasty brew. This beer is for people who love their hops—they’re packed in to create a big fruity and piney aroma, then the caramel and malty characteristics kick in, before we round off for the bitter finish. Need another reason to try it? It’s brewed and bottled onsite in Eagle Bay's solar panelled brewhouse. So drinking this will help save the planet.  

Cheeky Monkey Frosty Fruit Sour

What happens when Chicho Gelato and Cheeky Monkey have a baby? You get the Frosty Fruit Sour! It’s a Berliner Weisse style beer made with fresh local fruit and sorbet from Chicho Gelato in Northbridge. Frosty Fruit Sour celebrates the warmer months of the year where beer drinking and gelato eating come together. Made with passionfruit, mandarins and lime—it’s a refreshing beer perfect for Summer!

Black Brewing XPA

This Wilyabrup based brewery is not only creating delicious Asian inspired food, but some amazing beers as well. XPA stands for eXtra Pale Ale, and at 6% alcohol it packs a punch. The Belgian Abby red malt gives it a lovely light caramel character and as the ‘extra’ in the name suggests, there’s hops for days!

Otherside Brewing Anthem

The team at Otherside Brewing has been busy getting their next offering out just in time for Christmas. Layering the malt with hops gives hits of citrus, tropical fruit and a piney/resin hit. They’ve added lulupin powder (hops in powder, not pellet form) which adds an intense hoppy flavour and aroma. At 6.2% abv, you’ll be belting out Mr Brightside after a 4-pack, just as Anthem intended. 

Going down south over summer? Here are all the breweries you need to hit.

Image credit: Gage Roads

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