Where To Find The Best Katsu Chicken In Perth

By Sarah Joanna Pope
8th Aug 2017

Katsu Chicken—king of the Japanese takeaway menus and the humble fried chicken of the people.

It may not be a Nobu signature dish but it’s a damned tasty little piece of panko-crumbed goodness—perfect for some satisfying takeaway or a cheap date at a Japanese restaurant that used to be a kebab shop.

Here’s where to get your hands on the best katsu chicken in Perth.

  1. Experience THE FUTURE (ordering from a tablet, my little Perth mind is blown) and some primo katsu chicken curry from Sakura Sake in Northbridge.
  2. Head to the cheap and cheerful Taka's Kitchen for a generous serving (if you order the large) of katsu chicken. Served with rice and salad (and a free miso soup if you order the large). Bargain.
  3. Go straight past the more upmarket in-house dining selection to the takeaway menu at Ha Lu in Mount Hawthorn for and you’ll find the katsu chicken ye seek. You can even wear your Uggs and trackies to go pick it up.
  4. Grab a cheeky chicken katsu lunch box on the go from Oceans Japanese in Freo. Served with all the rice, miso and salad trimmings.
  5. The lunch menu at Ichirin in Leeming delivers in the chicken katsu department. Served with tonkatsu sauce and a side salad.
  6. The unconventional Japanese hole-in-the-wall Mr. Munchies Sushi is the perfect spot to bag some Chicken Katsu and a hipster.
  7. Tucked away from the ravenous fried-chicken crowd, Jun serves their katsu chicken set with rice, miso soup, pickles, green salad and the ever-mysterious ‘side dish’.
  8. The lunch menu at Kuza Urban Japanese Food in Vic Park offers a veritable smorgasbord of katsu chicken dishes – try the katsu chicken ramen, the curry katsu chicken or a katsu chicken set.
  9. Mon Taste of Japan offers some of the crispiest, golden fried katsu chicken just North of the Wall in Leederville. And it’s not just relegated to the lunch menu like some second-class fried chicken neither.
  10. The cheap cheerful Is Donburi in Northbridge is an obvious stop for delicious katsu chicken. Obvi.
  11. Chicken katsu burger! Head to Misaki in Padbury for lunch to make it yours. They also sling the original style katsu chicken day and night. Respect.
  12. Get the mouth party started with the chicken katsu entrée from the ever-reliable Aisuru Sushi in Northbridge.
  13. If you want you some crispy and juicy fried chicken cutlet, look no further than Hayashi in Applecross. The katsu chicken is made using the chicken thigh (the most magical part of a chicken) before being crumbed, fried to perfection and served up with their ‘Special Katsu Sauce’. 

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Taka's Kitchen | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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