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By Anna May
18th Dec 2015

kim kardashian christmas

Your favourite past Idol contestant, Millsy has named Paris Hilton’s vagina a “top five”. Reportedly the highest critical rating she’s had. 

Google knows what everyone searched for in 2015. The dress was freakin’ black and blue, mmkay?

Barbara Walters told Bradley Cooper she thinks he is “very screwable”. That makes 10 billion of us, Barbs.

Type ‘Lardass’ into your phone right now and watch autocorrect work its magic. Worth it. 

In a bold move for people who are sexually attracted to food, someone made Chrissy Teigen in a huge rice krispie treat. 

Handerpants. Because gloves are so 2015.

Kim and Kanye Christmas jumpers are a thing that exist. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. 

And in what can only be described as a Christmas miracle, a cat is running for Mayor of a Russian city. Not kitten you right meow.

Image credit: Wallpaper Base

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