The Best Pink Desserts In Perth

By Holly Nicholls
28th Sep 2017

Keen to host a Pink Ribbon Breakfast but don’t want to step foot in a kitchen? Yep—us too. Don’t fret, we got you covered. Instead of stressing, focus on the good stuff. Spend your time raising money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and leave the sweet pink goodness to the experts. Plus, given how insanely delicious these desserts are—your friends, family or colleagues will be thanking you for days!

Here are the best pink desserts in Perth.

Triple Doughnut, Whiz Fizz & Fairy Floss Shake | Babooshka


This might be the most epic shake you could ever imagine consuming, but just think of the Instagram cred once you post a pic! The shake is so overwhelming you won’t know where to start, but trust us, after one taste, you'll finish it off. Well played Babooshka.

Lamington Gelato | Whisk Creamery

Subiaco and Northbridge

We’re all about bringing the lammo back so it was an obvious choice at Whisk. Coconut gelato with raspberry jam covered in pink raspberry chocolate and fresh coconut. Honestly, Whisk. How do you do it?

Strawberry Milkshake | Sapore Espresso Bar


Go on and let your hair down at Sapore! Channel your inner six year old and order what you really want—a big delicious glass of strawberry milk please. If you’re gonna do it at some point, this feels like a good time to start #justcos

Raspberry & Lychee Chu Puff | Chu Bakery


We obviously couldn't put a dessert list together and not put Chu on the list. Likely to be the best sellers, these puffs are like biting into a cloud of fluff that tastes like creamy air so why wouldn’t you?

Vanilla Custard & Raspberry Glazed Doughnut | Mary Street Bakery

Highgate, Perth CBD and West Leederville

You have gotta get in quick to experience the deliciousness at Mary Street Bakery, but it's worth it. Waking up early and waiting for a table won’t be the hard part. Stopping at only one is where the challenges lie!

Chocolate, Rasberry And Vanilla Cream Puff | Koko Black

Perth and Claremont

Just pretend like it’s a cheat day, go into Koko Black and order the chocolate choux pastry puff. Filled with vanilla cream and raspberry sauce, it’s a match made in sweet chocolatey heaven.

Beetroot & Raspberry Red Velvet Cake | Garnished


Ready? OK. Garnished does a beetroot red velvet cake with liquid cheesecake and raspberry jelly in the middle, then the whole thing is covered in chocolate. Over and out.

Rose Petal Barberry Pistachio Nougat | Rochelle Adonois


We couldn’t think of anything more perfect for a high tea with the ladies than nibbling down on the rose petal barberry and pistachio nougat from the queen of cake herself, Rochelle Adonis

Cherry Yoghurt Mousse | Little Matcha Girl


Step away from the green zone at Little Matcha Girl and enter the world of this gluten free, basil-y, mint-y, yoghurt-y cherry circle of deliciousness. Super intense, yet silky smooth, it’s the perfect dessert to go with a little cup of Japanese tea.

The Bleeding Heart | Bites By D

Mount Hawthorn

We couldn’t be more in love with Bites By D and while we thought we were loyal to the cherry ripe macarons, the strawberry mousse with rosewater jelly ha stolen our hearts. Bleeding heart indeed.

Vanilla Raspberry Cake | Sherbet Cafe & Bake Shop


Sometimes all you need in life is a perfect vanilla cake covered in pink raspberry icing—and it doesn’t get pinker than this three layered beauty from Sherbet. Did we forget to mention it comes with dollops of cream? Great Australian Bake Off eat your heart out!

Lychee Chambord Martini | Measure Dessert Bar

Mount Lawley

Yes, it's a drink, not a dessert, but it's from Measure Dessert Bar so we think it counts. Plus, this raspberry is martini good enough to be a dessert. Just go and try it and thank us later.

Strawberry Cream Doughnut | MOP Donuts


From the guys that brough us doughnut bouquets, MOP can also keep things simple with a delicious strawberry cream doughnut. A six pack of these at your morning tea will disappear like hotcakes. Trust us.

Keen to host a Pink Ribbon fundraiser? Click here. Or just want more dessert? Here are our fave dessert cafes in Perth.

Image credit: Elle Borgward

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