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13 Of The Best Shows On Netflix

By Natasha Gamra - 12 Apr 2019


The hunt for the next Netflix binge never ends so with that in mind, here’s a sling of the best shows to watch on Netflix right now.

In the mix, you’ll find a good batch of thrillers, anthologies, sci-fi and even a couple of insanely good animated series.

Here are 13 of the best shows on Netflix.

The Sinner

By now you’ve probably heard about the Jessica Biel-produced series The Sinner. With its shocking revelations, twists and turns into a bunch of cases, you don’t need to guess why it’s one of the best crime drama series on Netflix right now. There are two seasons (for now... a third is on the way), each being about a different crime that seemingly was committed without a motive, that Detective Harry Ambrose has to delve deep into, in order to solve.

Stranger Things

The hype around Stranger Things is real and much deserved, with season three imminent. Set In 1983 Indiana, where a young boy (Will Byers) vanishes into thin air, the quest to find him by friends, family and the local police seems endless. Instead what is uncovered is a powerful demagorgan, the Upside Down, Eggos and one very strange girl.


For all the anime fans out in the Netflix-verse, an Ultraman reboot is here and it looks like you’re in for another round of Japan’s most iconic superhero. Although not exactly leading off from the original series, it’s an adaptation of the Ultraman manga created by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi.

Love, Death + Robots

If you’re not into animation, Love, Death + Robots is the one series that will change your mind. This gem brings us a compilation of animated short stories, spanning across multiple genres such as, fantasy, fiction, horror and comedy. Each episode was produced to with the intention of being easy to watch, but hard to forget. The creators definitely took a bold approach to every episode. And yes, the show is as insane as the trailer looks.

Black Mirror

Tapping into the people’s collective unease with the modern world, Black Mirror is the anthology series must-watch. Though super dark and confronting, each episode is sharp and suspenseful and dives deep into themes of contemporary techno-paranoia. 

The Umbrella Academy

For Netflix’s resident superhero series, enter The Umbrella Academy. When a billionaire adopts seven mysteriously born children, he harnesses their incredible powers and turns them into a superhero team. Fast forward into the future (quite literally), they have to figure out how to save themselves and the world from the impending apocalypse.


Get ready to scream at your screens throughout this whole series. You is the latest show that comes off the back of all the obsession around stalker-esque TV shows. Starring Dan Humprehy, more specifically Penn Badgely, this psychological-thriller follows his super-stalker vibes with a writer called Guinevere.

Lost In Space

A reboot from the iconic 1965 Lost in Space series (think “Danger Will Robinson”), Lost In Space is the unlikely show you need to binge stat. Following a crash landing on a lost planet, a family needs to use all their special skills to survive.


Set in Columbia, Narcos is based on the true story of Pablo Escobar, the South American drug lord. Bringing us way back to the 1970s, we get to see the rise and fall of the billionaire and how he manages to dodge federal agents. If you get addicted and binge all of the three seasons super-fast, don’t worry because the show has also created Narcos: Mexico, set over a decade later for more chilling drama action.

American Horror Story

Definitely one to keep the lights on for. American Horror Story is an anthology horror series created by the famed horror-team, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Each season is set in a different time period with a whole new creation of characters. We’ve seen a coven, freak show, cult and a whole lot of other creepy stuff going down here. Have fun sleeping.


Originally airing on the BBC, Broadchurch is almost the original The Sinner, but British. Set in a small seaside town in the south of England, each season follows a different case whereby Detective Hardy and Detective Miller (played by Academy Award-winner Olivia Colman) investigate a series of brutal crimes, with some overlapping season-to-season. Basically, if you love a reallyyy good whodunit, Broadchurch is your jam.


Written by Patrick Somerville, directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga and starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone (that got your attention), Maniac hit Netflix screens in September and quickly gained a rep for being trippy as hell. The series follows two strangers undergoing a mysterious pharmaceutical treatment to change their lives for the better.

Russian Doll

Starring Orange Is the New Black favourite Natasha Lyonne, Nadia (Lyonne) is constantly reliving the same night over and over again. Just imagine a really dark and screwed up Groundhog Day and you’re right on the money. Constantly dying from freak accidents and ending up back in the same spot every night,  Russian Doll, you’ve got our attention.

And here are all the best movies to watch on Netflix right now.

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