Bubble Tents Have Arrived In Australia And They’re Magical

By Jessica Pridmore
24th Oct 2017


You’ve got to admit, we’ve got it pretty good here Down Under: great weather, stunning scenery, mile upon mile of pristine coastline and deserted, serene outback. It’s a traveller’s paradise. Naturally, we’ve got views for days—perfect for a spot of camping, no?

But who wants to just ‘camp’ these days? Pfft, not us. No, what you need is something far more contemporary… like a tent, that looks like an igloo that’s also a bubble. Riiight

Whoever invented the Bubble Tent—a completely transportable, totally transparent (and, may we add, cute-as-a-button!) see-through tent—clearly had our beautiful Australian scenery in mind.

Situated on a pristine 1000+ acre property between Mudgee and Lithgow NSW, Bubble Tent Australia overlooks Capertee Valley (just the second-largest canyon in the world, no biggie) and is close to national parks, lakes, award-winning cellar doors and also happens to be an IBA (that’s Important Bird Area to you and I)—perfect for kicking back with nature.

So what’s the deal? In essence, Bubble Tents are simply inflatable homestays; just so much more. Totally off the grid and the first of its kind in the country, Bubble Tent Australia offers all the amenities and little extras of a hotel—under a blanket of stars. Bubble Tents feature a spacious bed, eco-friendly bathrooms and running water, plus guests are provided a telescope and iPad loaded with playlists and apps to help with your stargazing and wildlife watching—neat!

So if you’re thinking about your next long weekend, or wanting to undertake a 'tech tox’, booking into a Bubble Tent clearly needs to be top of your bucket list.

For all the details, and to book yourself a Bubble Tent all your own, click here.

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Image credit: Bubble Tent Australia

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