Perth Exercise Classes That Won’t Break The Bank

By Anna Franklyn
20th May 2016

Cheap Exercises Classes Perth

It’s cold and it’s raining and you just want stay in bed. I gedddddit. But winter equals sad face and exercise makes your body produce endorphins and endorphins equal happy face. So you can see from this very sound scientific logic that we all must exercise in winter!

Luckily our fine city is offering up the goods with a heap of free or really cheap exercise classes. That’s right, I said free exercise classes in Perth. They exist!

Here are 9 cheap exercises classes in Perth, get to it!


East Perth

Yes, you could just go running on your own but that gets boring and it's also reallyyyyy easy to tell yourself you’re going to go for a run and then never ever go. If other people are expecting you, there’s wayyyy more chance you’ll actually rock up and run! Luckily every single Saturday morning at 8am sharp there is a timed 5km run from Claisebrook Cove and it’s totally free! You can run or walk or skip if you really want to so get some friends together, go for a quick jog and then go for breakfast to refuel!

Tai Chi


Feel like trying something a bit more zen? Tai Chi has been dubbed ‘meditation in motion’ and will have you feeling stress-free in no time. I know you used to make fun of the people practicing Tai Chi in the parks but now you’re pretty curious aren’t you? Well you can try it out for free every Monday at Cathedral Square.

No Lights, No Lycra

Fremantle, Perth, Wangara

For a measly seven bucks, you can have a rad night out which also doubles up as an incidental workout! At No Lights No Lycra you get to truly dance like no one is watching because its pitch black and no one can see you—talk about liberating! By the end of the hour you will have sweated up a storm and had the best time ever.

Lululemon’s Perth Run Collective

Perth and Trigg

Another free group running session, the Perth Run Collective meets at 5:45pm every Tuesday at Lululemon Enex or at 8am every Saturday at Clarko Reserve Trigg. All levels are welcome and you’ll get to discover a heap of new running trails so you can mix things up when you’re running solo! Check out Lululemon's Facebook page to keep up to date.

Yoga At Lululemon

Applecross, Claremont, Karrinyup, Perth

Yoga is Lululemon’s bread and butter and they’re kind enough to offer up a few free classes every week. Times and locations vary so keep an eye on the Facebook page to see what’s on offer this week. For the month of May, Lululemon Karrinyup have partnered with the Yoga Garage so you can even do some hot yoga for free and every once in a while you might be lucky enough to get an Xtend Barre class, handstands class or something else equally as fun!

Indoor Netball/Basketball/Soccer


Hit up your local sports centre and chances are you’ll be able to nominate a team for indoor soccer, netball or basketball. Get a team together but always opt for a few extras because people are lazy and finding someone to replace the lazy people who pulled out last minute is a nightmare. If you get a team of 10 together, you’re looking at about six or seven dollars per game #cheapaschips!

Boot Camp At All Worked Out


All Worked Out will give you two classes for free and then it will be  $10 a class from then on. Sweet! Think cardio, body weight exercises, resistance and Pilates-based exercises to get you in tip top shape in no time at all.


Various Locations

Konga is all the rage right now. It combines dance, boxing and cardio so it’s super fun and at about $10 a class, it’s super affordable too. Jump on the Jungle Body website to find a class near you. If you’re lucky enough to live near a place offering one of the other Jungle Body workouts like Jagua, Tyga, Burn or Vypa you should defs give those a go too!

Boxing For Fitness

Victoria Park

Boxing is probs the funnest and hardest workout ever so I reckon it’s worth the $80 annual membership cost at Boxing For Fitness. Then you can get yourself a 10 class pass for $130 which isn’t too shabby at all!

The City of Perth’s Get City Fit summer program has just finished up but keep an eye out for their winter program starting around July 2016 which will be offering a heap of free classes!

And to really help stick to that budget, why not check out 25 Of The Best Cheap Eats In Perth Under $10.

Yoga At Lululemon | Image credit: Lululemon Atheltica

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