Embarrassing Netflix Shows You (Secretly!) Love

By Emilee Colasimone
5th Dec 2016

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Someone’s trash, is another’s treasure—that’s what we always say here at The Urban List. Others, however, are not as forgiving especially when it comes to what to what we’re watching on Netflix (Gilmore Girls revival, anyone?).

Shoving snobbery aside in the name of diversity, here’s a list of embarrassing Netflix shows we (secretly) love. We bet half are in your recently watched list...

Call The Midwife

Watch the mental alarm bells ring as you tell your partner you’ve just binge-watched six episodes of Call the Midwife in one night. This basically means you’re ready to breed… Unless, of course you’re actually a midwife or a nun (or both) and in that case, this would be a completely normal pattern of behaviour.

This WWII period drama has been done like roast dinner, but Call the Midwife is totally unique and very educational. It prepares you to not only give birth, but deliver a baby in all sorts of circumstances, diagnose an array of illnesses and to find love in post-war England (as a nun). So, you're all set then...

Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

Watching Will Smith in his all his baby-faced glory—before he won MTV Music Awards and was nominated for an Oscar—is a real treat. There is something really special/sad about indulging in a show you used to rush home from school to watch. It is like a protest about adulthood; giving the bird to all the adult chores you need to do i.e. cleaning the oven or, you know, feeding your kids. The Fresh Prince also has the best of 90s fashion and a killer theme rap. Be honest, you haven’t been paying attention to anything I’ve said because you’ve been rapping, ‘Now this is a story, all about how, my life got flipped-turned upside down…’

Ted Talks

Let’s face it, watching Ted Talks makes you feel smarter. It’s like getting a university degree while lying on the couch in your undies, and costs a shit load less. Even if the topic has nothing to do with your current career or life, there is just so much you can absorb. A word of warning, though; offering life advice to others based on your Ted Talks learnings will not make you any friends—savour those morsels of knowledge for your own pathetic existence.


The television-viewing world seems to be divided on Gotham—it’s a real love/hate or hate/hate sitch. The haters are mostly those die-hard Batman fans, who like to argue all day that DC is better than Marvel, and who would rather eat raw chicken than watch the 1997 Batman and Robin film. The whole prequel to Batman concept from the eyes of Chief Gordon is kind of fun, and if nothing else appeals to you, Ryan from The O.C is in it. So that's a plus. 


15 years ago your mum used to sit with her friends and a cask of chardi to discuss SeaChange and debate whether they were on team Diver Dan or team Max. Now you can sit on your own on a Saturday night with a bottle of rosé and realise that while Max was a cynical babe, Diver Dan’s banter and ranga charms made him the right choice for Laura. 

Anything Nazi-Themed And Joseph Fritzl: Story Of A Monster

This is the old train-crash scenario: it’s horrific, but you can’t stop watching. You also don’t want to admit that a sick part of you enjoys it… Well not enjoys, but you know, it sucks you in. We don't recommend watching the Fritzel documentary before bed, or in the dark, or stoned. In fact, it should come with a warning that his face alone is considered as “disturbing content” and should be viewed with the upmost caution.

The Fittest On The Earth

You don’t have to go to a box and do WODs (that’s Workout Of the Day) to appreciate the sheer athleticism of the Crossfitters in this doco. It’s a whole two hours and 40-odd minutes of jerking, squatting, skipping and doing impressive things with kettle bells that might even inspire you to actually get off your arse, as opposed to sitting around watching people do exercise. Which is also a lot of fun. The number one rule of Crossfit? Don’t talk about Crossfit (or everyone will hate you) and no one would ever, ever sign up for that kind of torture.

Bondi Vet

You tell your friends that you’re watching Bondi Vet because your pet cavoodle sneezes a lot and you want to know whether this is a nervous tick or something more sinister. However, you’re only watching episode after episode a) to see if Dr Chris Brown ever ends up with Dr Lisa from the emergency clinic and b) due to the mesmerising qualities of Dr Chris’ epic jawline. #bondihottie

Gossip Girl

Here’s a hot piece of gossip: Even if you say you don’t like Gossip Girl, you actually do. You loved it when Blair got with Chuck, the on-again-off-again relationship between Serena’s mum and Dan’s dad, Serena and Blair, Blair’s nanny, the fashion, the opulent ridiculousness, it goes on and on... We all know who Gossip Girl actually was, right? But pretending that you don’t and watching it all over again is SO worth it. It’s worth every, totally annoying “ex-oh-ex-oh”.

Round The Twist

Round the Twist was strange. Remember as a kid being completely repulsed/confused by things that were on this show? All the references to bodily functions and animal poo? Now as an adult you can watch it with more life experience and less naivety and it’s just as confusing and even more disturbing. In saying that, it’s kind of cool—who wouldn’t love a remote control to control reality, or find a water spirit to help you win a urinating contest?

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