Hack Your Way To Better Work Life Balance At This WA Wellness Retreat

By Peta Brady
8th Jan 2019

Entrepreneurs Wellness Retreat

Are you running your own business or dreaming of starting one? Being an entrepreneur is definitely rewarding, but it’s also a pretty tough gig that takes up a lot of time and energy. Thankfully there are some clever people out there coming up with fresh ideas to help you along the way, by applying a mindful approach to business. 

Recently we caught up with Amy Chen, Founder of Entrepreneurs Wellness Retreat, and chatted about how her idea of bringing together healthy living and business coaching at an Entrepreneurs Wellness Retreat came about; and how you can get involved.

Why do you think healthy living and wellbeing should be a priority for creatives and entrepreneurs?

Being out there on your own trying to establish a business is difficult, and sometimes we let it get the better of us, we are constantly in overdrive because we love what we do so much. There seems to be a stigma around slowing down and taking time to relax, and entrepreneurs often feel taking time out for themselves is being lazy, when really it’s the complete opposite. Taking time to delve inwards, rejuvenate and focus on our wellbeing gives our bodies and mind the rest it needs to allow us to focus on our personal and business goals. My new mantra is, “we need to slow down to speed up”.

What can creatives and entrepreneurs do right now to get themselves started on the path to wellness and healthy living?

I truly believe making healthy living and wellbeing a priority is one of the keys to success. And hard work, of course. We need to focus on being the best versions of ourselves before we can achieve our business goals. 

I recommend making small changes first and then reflecting on how you feel afterwards. The goal is not to make dramatic short-term changes, but to create long-lasting habits that serve you well. For example, try adding a bit of ‘me time’ each day. This could be anything from meditating, going for a walk outside, yoga, spending time with friends, reading a book… whatever you enjoy. 

What inspired you to start the Entrepreneurs Wellness Retreat?

I was searching for a retreat that would allow me to unwind and focus on my wellbeing and also incorporate elements of personal and business development, but there just wasn’t one out there. So, I decided to start my own.

I wanted something that could help me relax and rejuvenate, without the guilt that usually comes when I’m not working on my business. That’s when I started developing the idea of mixing a business-focused retreat incorporating health and wellbeing principles. I wanted to enable other entrepreneurs like me to have an experience that would not only help grow their business but also give them down time to focus on wellbeing. 

What happens at your retreat? What can guests expect? 

Guests can expect to have lots of fun, and to connect with experts in areas of marketing, business growth, personal development, overcoming self-doubt, and health principles for time-poor entrepreneurs. Because everyone that comes on the retreat is a business owner or aspires to start a business, there is a real sense of community.

At our debut retreat we had some excellent guest speakers who specialised in small business coaching and personal development. We also incorporated a mix of yoga and pilates, healthy food, and relaxation time for the guests to socialise. It’s such a great opportunity to meet other people who are just like you and create long-term support networks. 

What are the key benefits of attending a retreat like yours?

Everyone gets something different out of our retreats, which I love. This makes it unique and special for all our guests. If I had to narrow it down, I would say the key benefits of attending our wellness retreats are the knowledge sharing and education provided by industry specialists, feeling rejuvenated and positive about where you’re heading with your business, making new friends, and establishing support networks. 

Do you have any more retreats coming up?

We’ve just announced our second WA Entrepreneurs Wellness Retreat, being held on Saturday 16 February. We’re super excited to announce that our speakers include renowned business coach, Lanna Hill, experienced yoga teacher and business owner Chloe Potter and serial entrepreneur Jeremy Princi founder of Holistic Lifestyler. Owner of Premalaya, Hayley Lane, will also host a workshop on Ayurvedic principles and an Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop for lunch. There is so much goodness packed into one weekend. Early bird tickets are available now. Head to Bare & Wilde for more information. We’d love to see as many entrepreneurs as possible and help them on their journey.

Looking for more ways to relax? Head over to Rottnest and check out this amazing retreat.

Image credit: Premalaya Yallingup

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