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Everything You Need To See At Fringe This Week

By Jim Hall
8th Feb 2019

Everything You Need To See At Fringe This Week

Okay, we are finally rounding into the final week of Fringe and fatigue is starting to show. You feel like you’ve had your fair share of weird and being hungover at work no longer feels quite so endearing as it did a month ago.

However, it is now more than ever that you need to remind yourself to suck it up and remember how for the rest of the year you wish Fringe was still on.

Knowing this, here are the shows you need to see before the madness ends.

Betty Grumble—Love And Anger

A true Fringe essential. Betty has graced the Fringe stages in Perth many a time and has rightfully earned herself the title of one of Perth’s favourite Fringe acts. Re-familiarise yourself with her womanifesto and everything that comes along with it as you witness her ecosexually charged flesh riot ritual of dancing dissent, disco and deep push back-ery.

Fuego Carnal

If you’re in need of a show that’s a bit more high octane, this carnival of fire is just the ticket. A true blue chipper, this might be the perfect show to sell your hubby on. With its sexual choreography, wild stunts and mesmerising flames it’s hard not keeping your eyes peeled to the stage from start to finish.

Pussy Play Masterclass

Do you enjoy your crafternoons with a splash of sexuality? Same. That’s why we can’t recommend this interactive seminar in which you turn your vagina into a plasticine bust enough. Run by burlesque legend Strawberry Siren, you’ll be convinced your fleshly massaged piece of art is worth a side room at PICA, or maybe just a well timed gift for someone special.

A Midnight Visit

Set in a choose-your-own Girl’s School horror story, will you survive? Taking over the old school in East Perth, this nightmare playground was an absolute blast. With an enchanting mix of strange characters, thrilling scenes and macabre splendour, it was my personal favourite for the first half of Fringe. Take your time to enjoy watching how the performers interact with the rooms, find little man holes to crawl through and for the love of all things unholy, don’t miss the gala event.

Club Briefs

As part of the Dali Land exhibition, Club Briefs is one of the great shows on as part of the immersive experience. Combining the Brief Boys and ladies of Hot Brown Honey of previous Fringe Fame, Club Briefs is a disco party not to be missed. If you can, try to work this show into your Dali Land visit as it truly encapsulates all that we love about Fringe.

La Soirée

Perth’s favourite contemporary cabaret is back for another year at Fringe and none of us are complaining about it. If you haven’t seen the eight person group before, don’t sit on your hands and miss out as this is a show that never disappoints. If you have seen it before, you don’t need us to tell you to see it again.


The term “must see” is eye rollingly overused and painfully hyperbolic in the world of the arts, so prepare to roll your eyes as we’re going to go ahead and say that DALI LAND is an absolutely must see. Taking over Metro City for the whole of Fringe is an immersive four level exhibition dedicated to the mind of Salvidor Dali. During this time there will be numerous events being held in the building so be sure to jump on any or all of them as it truly is a once in a lifetime moment for us when we say “you’ll see us at Metro’s every week for a month straight”.

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Image credit: Fringe World

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