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Here Are All The Immersive Experiences You Can’t Miss At Fringe This Year

By Peta Brady
23rd Jan 2019

Fringe is in full swing and by now most of us are fully immersed in all the events happening around Perth. But what if you want to take it a step further, and actually immerse yourself for real? Luck is on your side, friends. This year, Fringe World is taking things to a whole new level, bringing Fringe-goers an abundance of hands-on, feet-first immersive performances and experiences to explore.

Here are our top picks of immersive shows going on in Perth.

Secret Suppers Immersive Dinner

Perth-based underground dining outfit, Secret Suppers, are curating a fully immersive dining experience themed around the Seven Deadly Sins. Blurring the lines between art and food, the show combine elements of aerial dance, audiovisual art, and improvised acting with themed food. The seven-course dinner explores the influence of the seven deadly sins in the modern day world, with each course themed around one of the seven mortal sins: Greed, Wrath, Sloth, Lust, Pride, Envy and Gluttony.

Wet Sounds

Dive in (literally) and immerse yourself in underwater sound performance, Wet Sounds, designed to challenge your perception of sound and imagination. The water surface becomes a threshold between different music and creates an entirely different listening experience, due to the fact that sound travels 4.5 times faster underwater. Swimsuit a must. Goggles recommended.

Rest at East Perth Cemeteries

If you've ever been curious about the oldest cemeteries in Perth, now is your chance to explore. Normally open only two hours per week, the East Perth Cemeteries is a heritage site that will be opening up to Fringe World audiences for an immersive after-dark show: REST, which leads you through stories hidden in the graveyards. This is arguably one of the most secretive events on the Fringe World line-up for 2019, and not to be missed.

A Midnight Visit

Pitted as a “journey to the edge of madness”, A Midnight Visit is part choose your own adventure, part film set, part playground. Check your bag at the door and succumb to your imagination as you climb and crawl into the shadows of what appears to be the very corners of David Lynch’s mind. It’s a very dark, decadent show filled with shadows, guilt and foreboding, conjured from the grave by one lonely ghost’s obsession with Edgar Allan Poe.

Dali Land

Spread over four levels at Metro City, the immersive Dali Land exhibition takes you on a journey through the mind of surrealist master, Salvador Dali. Featuring over 200 drawings, paintings, sculptures, film, graphics, photography and contemporary works, you’re sure to find yourself lost in a strange, dreamlike state when you finally detach and return to the real world. 

The Ghosts of Fremantle

Join experimental music / arts collective Genrefonix, as they present The Ghosts of Fremantle at the Fremantle Prison Theatre: an immersive multimedia show featuring original horror music and haunting soundscapes. Narrated by WA’s most famous bushranger, Moondyne Joe (a former inmate) you’ll witness WA’s most haunted buildings come to life with emotive tunes, eerie sound effects, and imaginative ghost portraits created especially for the show.

Wank Bank Masterclass

The Pleasure Garden is living up to its name with the Wank Bank Masterclass, brought to you by Winner of the Best Interactive Show at the 2017 Adelaide Fringe, Adam Seymour. Seymour created an art book based on his happy ending massages in New York. He’s now offering Perth fringers an informative, interactive masterclass on how to handle your partner’s (or your own) member. The highlight has to be the hilarious circle jerk involving carrots and cucumbers.

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Image credit: Fringe World 2019

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