Let’s Talk…Loaded Fries

By Anna Franklyn
19th Jun 2016

Perth's Best Loaded Fries

Guys we need to talk. About loaded fries. But first we need to clear one thing up. Loaded fries and poutine are different. Poutine is a Canadian delicacy (if we can call it that?) of fries topped with cheese curd and gravy. We can’t technically get cheese curds in Australia so it’s just amazing melty cheese and gravy for us. Loaded fries are hot chips topped with anything amazing like guacamole or bacon or sour cream. So poutine is loaded fries, but loaded fries are not poutine. Are you still following? Ok good.

Now that that’s cleared up, we can all agree that loaded fries are crazy disgusting, but turns out they are also crazy delicious if you find the right ones. So find the right ones we did.

Here are 10 of Perth’s best loaded fries.

Brooklyn Lounge


Brooklyn Lounge do fat food very very well, and their loaded fries are no exception. Pulled pork, jalapenos, pancetta, cheese and queso sauce, because you can never have too much queso! If that doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, they also have mac & cheese loaded fries.

Miss Kitty’s Saloon


Miss Kitty’s Saloon is Inglewood’s answer to Canadian eats so it’s no surprise they’re dishing out some of the best poutine in Perth. This is fairly close to the traditional Canadian poutine, just chips, cheese and gravy. Nothing fancy but it tastes ace!

Lord Of The Fries


Lord of the Fries are doing things a bit differently. Take your pick from shoe string, classic, chunky or sweet potato fries then choose your ‘sauce’—can we really call hot cheese, salsa and jalapenos a sauce? Apparently so. The mayo, ketchup and onion combo is also a winner.

Northbridge Brewing Company


Cheesy fries topped with chorizo, chipotle sauce, sour cream AND guacamole. The first time a friend ordered these I told them off because #gross, and then I finished the whole lot and didn’t regret it at all. Well played, Northbridge Brewing Company, well played.

Varsity Burgers


Beer battered fries topped with chilli con carne and cheese whip, you’ll probably want to save this cheesy delight from Varsity Burgers for a hangover.

Johnny’s Burger Joint


From the home of the only burger in Perth that comes with a health warning, we’ve got cheese and bacon fries AND chilli cheese fries. And let’s just say they’re not exactly stingy on the cheese. If you’re headed to Johnny’s, you already know you’re having a blow out so why not get some of these too.

Deen Street BBQ


Deen Street BBQ’s dirty fries are frikkin’ ridiculous! Think beer battered chips topped with traditional American BBQ chopped pork, kraut and blue cheese. If it’s possible to have gourmet dirty fries, this is it!

Village Bar


Village Bar in Subiaco really seems to know the way to our hearts. First they tell us they’re doing $10 espresso martinis on Saturdays, then they floor us with these ridic loaded fries. With cheese, bacon and gravy, these bad boys will clog your arteries faster than you can say heart attack, but you know, everything in moderation…

RoyAl’s Chicken & Burgers

Victoria Park

Pop over to RoyAl’s Chicken & Burgers for some gringo fries. That’s chipotle pulled pork, cheddar and fancy sauce all atop some perfect crunchy fries.

Baby Mammoth


The poutine at Baby Mammoth is probably the best you’ll get outside of Canada and as traditional as you’ll get in Oz. It’s made with house-made cheese curd which is insanely good, the gravy is tasty and the chips are the bomb.

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Deen Street BBQ | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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