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Oreo Creme Eggs Have Hit Supermarket Shelves

By Ellen Seah
11th Jan 2017

THE SUGARY WONDER NEVER CEASES. Combining two of Australia’s most beloved treats—Cadbury has officially released Oreo Creme Eggs and they are truly (TRULY) glorious.

Crack open these miniature blue treats to reveal a perfectly artificially formed chocolate egg. The creamy, rich outer shell is packed with fragments of crunchy Oreo and sugary vanilla cream. Impressive from a company whose greatest innovation last year was Vegemite chocolate. One can only assume they kidnapped Willy Wonka to create this sweet magnificent monstrosity.

Cadbury unleashed these chocolate-biscuit-creme eggs earlier this month, ostensibly to celebrate Easter three months (or over 90 days) early. Honestly, we can’t complain when the Cadbury lords bring us all things good, holy and chocolaty.

Cadbury traditionalists will be pleased to hear the much-loved standard Creme Eggs filled with not-at-all-disturbing white and yellow fondant are also available  (also 90 days too early).

2017 is off to a splendid sugary start, and food hybrids are slowly but steadily taking over (my) life.

Need more sugar in your life? Twix, Maltesers or Bounty spread on white bread might just make the perfect start to the day...

Image credit: Ellen Seah

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