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A Real-Life Pac-Man Escape Maze is Coming To Perth

By Ioana Dragnef
23rd May 2019

This is not a drill, people. The ultimate nostalgic Pac-Man-inspired escape maze is coming to Perth and it is going to be wild.

This immersive activation brings you a huge maze that will get all your 80s nostalgia senses tingling. Lose yourself in a pixelated world that will have you and your friends dodging ghosts left and right while collecting fruit, just like the real thing.

Enter the maze for your chance to find prizes before the ghosts get you. Besides collecting fruit inside the maze, you will need to complete a coded Pac puzzle—if you’re the first to complete the puzzle and collect all the fruit, you will be crowned the ultimate winner. If you get caught by a ghost, you’ll lose a life (symbolically, of course) and if you lose three lives, you’re out.

Once you've escaped the Pac Maze and its annoying ghosts, you can kick it an 80s-themed pixel room, which includes the OG game system and a DJ who will be belting out the classics to wind the clock back. Sign us the hell up.

Tickets and more details will be released soon, keep up to date here

If you're after more 80s nostalgia, head to Perth's first arcade bar.

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