Perth’s Most Ridiculous Eating Challenges

By Deniz Karaman
1st Mar 2019

Perth’s Most Ridiculous Eating Challenges

As gluttonous are they are, eating challenges are what food dreams are made of. Is there really anything better than a pimped up, supersized and, quite frankly, ridiculous version of your favourite meal? Even though most of us would never actually be able to finish one, we’d still like to give it a shot and eat ourselves into oblivion.

So next time you’re looking to prove your worth in the world, check out one of Perth’s most ridiculous food challenges.

Hot Ones Challenge

The Waverley Brewhouse


Six wings, six levels of scorching heat. Think you can take on The Waverley Brewhouses latest challenge? For just $10 you get six wings that are guaranteed to knock your socks off. Bring some mates and go head to head for a discount. Film yourself competing and use the hashtag #waverleyhotones to go in the draw to win a massive $250 voucher to splurge at The Waverly, we recommend using the moolah to buy a glass of milk because your mouth will be on fire after this one. 

Demon’s Revenge

Johnny’s Burger Joint

Canning Vale

Johnny’s is serving a burger with a serious health warning—so serious that you need to sign a waiver before you can tuck in. The Demon’s Revenge contains two kinds of chillis—Carolina Reaper and Bhut Jolokia—with the sauce rated at 3.5 million units on the Scoville scale (the internationally recognised measure of spicy heat). To put that in perspective, your standard chilli comes in at around 2500 on the same scale. If you’ve got any heart or stomach conditions, you’re out and no matter how healthy you are, you’ll need someone to drive you home after.

The Burgerzilla Challenge

Johnny’s Burger Joint

Canning Vale

Yeah, that’s right, Johnny’s is in here twice because they are the biz when it comes to food challenges in Perth. The Burgerzilla is a giant burger weighing in at a whopping 1kg. The burger is made up of about one zillion beef patties, all of the cheese, a whole lot of bacon and a bit of salad, then topped off with a huge tray of chips. This monster is $49.90 but if you finish off the mammoth meal in under 45 minutes you win a T-shirt and your picture is added to the wall of winners.

Jalapeño Poppers Roulette

Brooklyn Lounge


The guys at Brooklyn Lounge are bringing back jalapeno poppers roulette, and you can bet we're there for it. You and a mate will receive six poppers to dine on, with one sneaky popper being hotter than the rest. We've heard that it can only be described as "a hot sauce made from the devil's tears and bottled in the depths of mount doom", so definitely approach this one with caution. All poppers look the same so you'll have no idea which one is which. The one who takes on the devil popper wins a free milkshake. 

Devil Wings Challenge

Varsity Bar


The devil wings challenge at Varsity Bar really does live up to its name: they're bloomin' hot and will burn your mouth, eyes, fingers and anything else they come into contact with. They are literally sent from the devil himself (unconfirmed). The comp is held once a month, and the challenge is to finish 15 wings in the quickest time possible. Dates are announced one to two weeks beforehand, so keep your eyes peeled.

Doughnut Challenge

Surfside Bakery


You can try the 3kg creme doughnut challenge at the Surfside Bakery in Singleton, and if you can chomp your way through it in under 30 minutes, you get to have it all free of charge, a photo on their wall of fame and a $100 cash prize. 


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Image credit: Johnny's Burgers

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