Perth’s Most Ridiculous Eating Challenges

By Deniz Karaman - 13 Jul 2017

Perth’s Most Ridiculous Eating Challenges

As gluttonous are they are, eating challenges are what food dreams are made of. Is there really anything better than a pimped up, supersized and, quite frankly, ridiculous version of your favourite meal? Even though most of us would never actually be able to finish one, we’d still like to give it a shot and eat ourselves into oblivion.

So next time you’re looking to prove your worth in the world, check out one of Perth’s most ridiculous food challenges.

Demon’s Revenge | Johnny’s Burger Joint

Canning Vale

Johnny’s are serving a burger with a serious health warning—so serious that you need to sign a waiver before you can tuck in. The Demon’s Revenge contains two kinds of chillis—Carolina Reaper and Bhut Jolokia—with the sauce rated at 3.5 million units on the Scoville scale (the internationally recognised measure of spicy heat). To put that in perspective, your standard chilli comes in at around 2500 on the same scale. If you’ve got any heart or stomach conditions, you’re out and no matter how healthy you are, you’ll need someone to drive you home after. Sounds reasonable.

The Burgerzilla Challenge | Johnny’s Burger Joint

Canning Vale

Yeah, that’s right, Johnny’s is in here twice because they are the biz when it comes to food challenges in Perth. The Burgerzilla is a giant burger weighing in at a whopping 1kg. The burger is made up of about one zillion beef patties, all of the cheese, a whole lotta bacon and a bit of salad, then topped off with a huuuge tray of chips. This monster is $49.90 but if you finish off the mammoth meal in under 45 minutes you win a T-shirt and your picture is added to the wall of winners! Totes worth it.

The Biggie S’mores | Brooklyn Lounge


The guys at Brooklyn Lounge sure know how to get us drooling. Their 1.2kg American dream of a dessert, The Biggie S’mores, is a chocolate chip cookie sandwich filled with marshmallows and topped off with generous dollops of Nutella and a caramelised condensed milk sauce. If you’re a true sugar fiend and want to challenge yourself that one step further, you could always order one of their American style supershakes to wash it down with. If you think you could tackle one of these, you'll need to let them know 24 hours in advance as this one needs a bit of extra prep time!

Devil Wings Challenge | Varsity Bar


The devil wings challenge at Varsity Bar really does live up to its name: they're bloomin' hot and will burn your mouth, eyes, fingers and anything else they come into contact with. They are literally sent from the devil himself (unconfirmed). The comp is held once a month, and the challenge is to finish 15 wings in the quickest time possible. The current record is set at 39 seconds! Dates are announced one to two weeks beforehand, so keep your eyes peeled!

Doughnut Challenge | Surfside Bakery


Dough not stop reading yet because we have another dessert challenge, YAS! You can try the 3kg creme doughnut challenge at the Surfside Bakery in Singleton, and if you can chomp your way through it in under 30 minutes, you get to have it all free of charge, a photo on their wall of fame AND a $100 cash prize. Get down there ASAP. 

Rump Challenge | Hippo Creek


If you like your meat big and chunky then look no further than Hippo Creek’s 2kg rump challenge. This whopper of a dish is served with chips and salad, and if you can finish it, you only pay half the price of the meal and your photo is posted onto their Facebook page, because that is important.

Chris’ 2kg Pizza Challenge | Antonio’s Pizzamia


If you’re not about the burgers and steaks, then we have found a 2kg double base pizza for you at Antonio’s Pizza. You get to choose your own toppings and it’s all for the very reasonable price of $25. There is a time limit though, so if you can chomp your way through the whole thing in an hour then you get $20 off your next pizza order AND your picture on their pizza legends wall of fame.

5 Continents Meat Platter Challenge | The Hive


This international meat platter weighing in at 1.5kg is a meat lover's dream come true. It consists of Cuban pork from South America, South African Chicken, Greek lamb from Europe, Mongolian beef from Asia, and Crocodile burgers (yikes!) from good ol’ Oz. If you can manage to munch through this monster plate (which also comes with hot chips and salad) you get to walk away paying only 50% of the bill. Ka-ching!

Rump Steak Challenge | Outback Jacks


The Rump Steak Challenge at Outback Jacks is a gobsmacking 2kg meal consisting of 500g of potato wedges, 500g of veggies and a good old 1kg rump steak. If you can rise up to the challenge and smash this down within half an hour, you not only get 50% off the bill, but you also walk away with an Outback Jacks T-shirt (just what you’ve always dreamed of) and your name on the rump steak challenge honours board. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us!

Beef And Reef Challenge | The Market City Tavern

Canning Vale

The Market City Tavern’s Beef and Reef Challenge is a whopping 750g of rump steak, 400g of hot chips, 200g of beer battered fish, 120g of battered tiger prawns, and a side serving of potato salad (holy f-ing moly). This challenge is on every night and the winning foodie gets 50% off the bill and a T-shirt. We're sensing a trend here...

Chicken Parmi Challenge | The Hyde Park Hotel

North Perth

CALLING ALL CHICKEN PARMI LOVERS! We have found the place where parmi dreams come true: the Hyde Park Hotel holds a chicken parmigiana challenge every Monday night priced at $45 and we are way too happy about it. The plate consists of four servings of chicken parmigiana and one serving of onion rings, YUM! Eat this in 30 minutes and you will receive a T-shirt (if you get really good at these challenges you might never need to buy another tee again) and “world recognition” for being a chicken parmi-loving legend.

Fat Boy | Novembar’s


Novembar's Fat Boy is a monster of a burger with seven meat patties, three slices of cheese, bacon, caramelised onion and egg. You pay by the minute so the faster you eat it the less you pay. If you do manage to cross the finish line, your name and time is added to the burger challenge leaderboard and you could also win up to $3000…hell YEAH! 

Red Face, Runny Nose Burger Challenge | Novembar’s


The Red Face, Runny Nose Burger Challenge at Novembar's is one for the chilli heads out there. Priced at $20, this burger is filled with 500g of chilli beef, cheddar cheese, caramelised onion, lettuce and tomato. The hurdle with this burger, however, is the chilli sauce that it comes with, which is pretty flippin' hot. If you finish this burger within ten minutes, then it is completely FREE. We can already feel our mouths burning…

Windsor Widow Maker | The Windsor Hotel

South Perth

Conquer eight wings covered in Dingo’s spiciest sauce to date in eight minutes and score yourself a $100 bar voucher (plus the wings for free) at The Windsor. These bad boys are so hot you’ll need to sign a waiver before taking part and wear gloves while you’re eating!

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Image credit: Johnny's Burgers

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