Holy Cheesus | Perth’s Best Cheese Dishes

By Sarah Joanna Pope
8th Jun 2017

Man’s greatest invention was not the wheel, but the wheel of cheese. Delicious cheesy cheese. 

And we’ve tracked down the most delicious cheesy treats in P-town so that you worship at the altar of sweet Cheesus. 

So make like a mouse and head to these fantastic eateries for some of Perth’s best cheese dishes.

  1. The corn cheese from Gami Chicken and Beer. A sizzling plate of melted cheese and seasoned loose corn. If you laid this on a human-sized mousetrap, I would take my chances.
  2. A back-alley cheese toastie from Toastface Grillah's—especially their three cheese toastie. Because good cheese comes in threes.
  3. Mac and cheese from Side Door BBQ. Best consumed between mouthfuls of meat, of course.
  4. The house made three cheese naan from Sauma in Northbridge. Baked to order, with just a little chilli hit. It’s the best cheesy treat bar naan. 
  5. The achari paneer tikka from Varq restaurant in Wembley. Skewered Indian cheese with pickling spices and mint and coriander chutney. 
  6. Mac and cheese bites from The Merrywell in Burswood. Served up with smokey BBQ sauce.
  7. Quattra formaggi pizza from Dough Pizza in Northbridge. Because pizza. 
  8. The mac daddy of mac and cheese from Meat Candy.
  9. Twice baked goats cheese soufflé with red pepper coulis from Must Winebar. Classy cheese.
  10. Buffalo mozzarella, orange, basil, panelle from No Mafia in Northbridge. They like lists too.
  11. Grilled mac and cheese toasties, hot cheesy potatoes and pop-up cheese bars. Frisk. Small Bar. is your go-to for cheese-centric, gin-swilling events. 
  12. Halloumi and strawberries served with agave, lime, aleppo and pea tendrils from the culinary geniuses at Young George.
  13. More squeaky cheese goodness in the form of halloumi at Shadow Wine Bar. Served with black sesame and honey.
  14. Goat feta stuffed zucchini flowers from Shadow Wine Bar. It’s cheese that’s fried and it’s gewd.
  15. From fried fromage to the baked variety, head to Lot 20 for a steaming hot plate of baked ricotta gnocchi—with provolone cheese, truffle and fresh basil.
  16. The fresh mozzarella and asparagus from The Standard in Northbridge. Served with peach, turmeric and blood orange gremolata. 
  17. The poppea from Magna Pizza in Mount Hawthorn—with four cheeses, sage and walnuts. The crazy cheese dreams are totally worth it!
  18. 4 formaggi pizza from Pappagallo. Another delicious cheese quartet starring mozzarella, gorgonzola, taleggio and parmesan.
  19. The assagio di raclette from Woodpeckers. A mountain of melted raclette cheese on baked potatoes with woodfired bread. 
  20. The grilled halloumi from Frisk. Small Bar. A gin lover’s best friend. 
  21. Mac and cheese with speck from Varnish on King. Because pasta and meat increases cheese’s special powers.
  22. The gnocchi ripieni from North Perth favourite Il Locale. Handmade stuffed gnocchi with truffle, ricotta, butter and sage sauce and truffle pecorino. It’s pretty freakin’ gouda!
  23. Head south of the border for some halloumi tacos from Hopscotch Bar in South Perth. Served with bell pepper salsa and chipotle yoghurt.
  24. Mack Daddy’s the big cheese pizza. Grande mozzarella, ricotta, blue cheese and romano. The 22-inch version is my Everest.
  25. The cheese, chipotle and jalapeño pretzel from Pretzel in Northbridge. Order it with some nacho cheese dip for max lactose. 
  26. The super delicious cheddar croquettes from Cantina 663 are the—served with confit tomato, white anchovies and chives.
  27. Loaded fries with mac and cheese from Brooklyn Lounge in Claremont.
  28. The grilled halloumi at Filos & Yiros. Squeaky, cheesy goodness!
  29. While we're at it, the grilled halloumi at Lady of Ro in Subiaco is some of the best stuff you'll ever put in your mouth.
  30. The kimchi & cheese toastie at Flo Espresso. We've said it before and we'll say it again, this toastie is LIFE.
  31. There are three balls of cheesy goodness up for grabs at Pinchos, but our favourite would have to be the chorizo and morcilla croquettes with paprika aioli.
  32. The grilled halloumi burger at Garden Cafe on Guildford. Grilled halloumi and eggplant, onion jam, tomato and harissa mayo all with a side of the crunchiest sweet potato fries you're likely to ever eat. Cheese dreams are made of these.
  33. Mozzarella Ella Ella sticks from Mack Daddy’s. Rich, creamy, chewy, melted mozzarella coated in breadcrumbs and fried to fatty perfection. Fried cheese in Perth, the first sign of the fat-pocalypse
  34. After your foray into the world of fried cheese, Mack Daddy’s can top it all off with the best New York cheesecake in town. 
  35. Everyone knows cheese goes best with childhood nostalgia and meddling kids. Grab a Scooby Doo dog from Frank’d Gourmet Hotdogs in Northbridge. With melted cheddar, brie, parmesan cheese and a janitor that’s pretending to be a ghost at the haunted amusement park.
  36. The pan-fried cheese ravioli with warm cheese dipping sauce from The Old Crow. Cheese dipped in cheese. What is this sorcery?!
  37. Spanakopita with three cheese from Brika. How can three kinds of cheese be wrong?
  38. And the saganaki from Brika. It's pan fried kefalograviera—like halloumi, but better.
  39. The mac and cheese pizza from Deen Street BBQ—mac and cheese, bacon, onion, parmesan and spinach on a béchamel base. 
  40. Holy halloumi! Served with rocket, persimmon and pine nut crumb—from Lamonts in Cottesloe.
  41. The baked goats cheese tart from Odyssea. Served with bitter greens, pickled beets, truffled honey and roasted hazelnuts.
  42. The Old Crow’s burrata with jamon iberico—with baby heirloom tomatoes and basil salad. 
  43. The mac and cheese with truffle oil from Clarences. Need we say more?
  44. The cheese dream sandwich from Rockefeller in Mount Lawley. With fontina, cheddar, Swiss and mustard. Total dreamboat.
  45. The cheese bul dak from Restaurant Gangnam. A cheesy wonderland of BBQ chicken chilli and melted mozzarella on a sizzling plate. It’s pretty darn grate. #cheesepuns
  46. Typika's golden fried mac and cheese bites with ham hock—topped with tamarind BBQ sauce and parmesan. Fat girl likey.
  47. Soufflé aux trois fromages et sa ratatouille. Just saying it gives me goosebumps. Head to P'tite Ardois Bistro to sample this cheesy delicacy.
  48. The artichoke and cheese gratin from Swallow Bar
  49. Bistro Guillaume’s twice baked cheese soufflé with Roquefort sauce. It will Roquefort your world.

For more cheesy goodness in Perth, click here.

Mack Daddy's | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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