Perth’s Best Smoothie Bowls

By Ella Liascos
7th Feb 2017

Once upon a time we were sipping at them from cups with a straw, but it’s 2017 folks and there’s nothing more quintessentially new-age than a smoothie served in a bowl. The perfect alternative for those who crave ice cream for breakfast, there are endless varieties to try and this line-up should be enough to keep you occupied for next few months.

Here are 13 of Perth’s best smoothie bowls.

Haynes St Larder


Turmeric is the spice of the moment and Haynes St Larder is all over it with their mango, ginger and turmeric smoothie bowl decorated with seasonal fruit and some flowers for good measure. They also do a peanut butter and cacao bowl which is basically like having dessert for breakfast. Winning.


Nature's Harvest


If you like to choose your own adventure, Nature’s Harvest has a dedicated acai bowl section where you can choose from goji berries, fresh fruit or delicious beetroot brownies to top your bowl—it’s the healthy version of ‘treat yo’self.’

High Street Dispensary


For health-food disguised as unhealthy food, hit up the High Street Dispensary in Freo for their delicious smoothie bowls. They have rotating specials so you’ll never be bored with the options, but you might be disappointed after you taste something like their vanilla-mango-cheesecake smoothie and realise you can’t have it every single day for the rest of your life.

Someday Coffee Co


New kids on the block, Someday Coffee Co's all day breakfast menu is a little bit healthy and a lot delicious. The tropical smoothie bowl will make you feel like you're on holidays and will keep you full for hours. Topped with plenty of fruit, coconut and a smattering of granola, this is one you'll want to order again and again!

Acai Brothers


A dedicated acai bar on High Street in Freo, Acai Brothers is basically an archive of every kind of smoothie bowl money can buy. With options like raw lemon, raw Nutella and raw jaffa, you’ll want to leave some extra time on the parking meter for prolonged menu-browsing.

Eat Drink Raw


A recipe for instant health, Eat Drink Raw do their smoothie bowl with chia seeds, raw granola, buckinis, kale, avo, banana and a hefty serving of fruit on top.  



Believers that food is best served in a bowl, Bowl’n use exotic ingredients like dragonfruit, bee pollen and maca protein to take their smoothie bowls to a whole new level. 


West Leederville

A sweet little find in the 'burbs of West Leederville, Hylin makes a mean acai bowl with banana, mixed berries, kiwi, and Blendco superfood toppings—it doesn’t get more raw-vegan than that!



For those mornings where it’s steaming hot by 9am and the only place to be is at the beach, Yelo serves some killer smoothie bowls. Blended with coconut water, acai and served with granola and fresh fruit, these will wake you right up.

The Market Juicery


The Market Juicery is a much appreciated healthy oasis in between all the indulgent food venues on Oxford Street in Leedy. If you can resist their bagels, you’ll be very pleased with their smoothie bowls. Have yours in a cup or a bowl depending on your appetite. 

Pixel Coffee Brewers


Not only do Pixel Coffee Brewers pride themselves on an excellent brew, they make a point of acing their acai bowls too. These guys go heavy on the more ingredients like goji berries and homemade granola so you’ll really get your money’s worth.

Pachamama Cafe


Pachamama is all about organic health food and their smoothie bowls are quite simply delish. With the option to super-size your toppings, you'll no doubt be full all day after this!

Want more healthy noms? Why not make yourself these delicious raw raspberry truffles?

Haynes Street Larder | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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