Perth’s Prettiest Fairy Floss Dishes

By Ella Liascos
18th Dec 2016

When you’re a kid, there’s something kind of enchanting about the seeming impossibility that pure sugar can morph into pink clouds and then suddenly melt in your mouth, and while we thought the days of fairy floss were well behind us, along with our youth—we’re pretty happy to see that cotton candy does not discriminate based on age, at least not in Perth.

Here's where to find 10 of the prettiest fairy floss dishes in Perth. 

Fairy Floss Martini | Julio's 

West Perth

I’m going to speculate and say that maybe, just maybe this place was named after a Paul Simon song… and if it’s true—this is indeed the cherry on top of a whole list of boxes that have already been ticked at Julio’s. A flamboyant pink martini feathered with a handful of pink fairy floss on top, you can finally merge both your inner child and outer adult.

Wonderland Hot Chocolate | Cafe 2 Twenty Four


This cafe surely knows how to indulge in the finer things. It’s not enough to have just a simple coffee at Cafe 2 Twenty Four, instead of drinking coffee the average way, why not enjoy it with a mountain of pink and blue fairy floss with tiny teddies floating about happily on sugary clouds?

Fairy Floss Anything | Cottoni 


Welcome to Cottoni; the hardcore fairy floss enthusiasts of South Terrace, Fremantle, serving it up in the shape of a bird’s nest on a stick, with a range of toppings; from Oreo’s, caramel popcorn, marshmallows and soft serve—what more could you want in life?

Chocolate Brownie With Ghazl El Banet | The Hummus Club


This hummus-utopia has recently opened up in Northbridge to bring you Lebanese food with a twist, including their chocolate brownie topped with cream and ghazl el banet. Much creamier than fairy floss, The Hummus Club's ghazl el banet is a Lebanese version is made with corn starch, sugar and margarine and traditionally hand stretched to create the fine, elegant spools of cotton candy and it’s ridiculously good.

Fairy Floss Lemonade | Shark Bites Toast

East Victoria Park

If you like your lemonade served with an outrageously large afro of fairy floss on top, then Shark Bites Toast is your guy. With a whole section on their menu dedicated to cotton candy beverages, from strawberry smoothies to lattes, this place wins points for novel value alone.

Doughnuts With Persian Floss | Meeka


Meeka is like your good looking and sophisticated half Australian half Middle-Eastern friend, serving up seriously good tagines and an exotic twist on modern Australian cuisine. With a talent for combining all your favourite foods together on one plate, like their salted caramel (say no more) stuffed doughnuts with Persian fairy floss, you’ll be tempted to skip mains and have dessert for dinner.  

Belgium Chocolate With Pashmak Fairy Floss | Tavolo


This cool little pizza bar and restaurant in Cloverdale has been receiving rave reviews for their service and amazing food. Tavolo knows what’s up when it comes to dessert too, serving up their Belgium chocolate fondant with orange blossom Pashmak fairy floss (made from sugar and sesame) and a whole array of equally ridiculous sounding ingredients like rhubarb compote, chocolate soil and salted caramel — it’s a struggle to stop at just one.

Brioche French Toast | Hush Specialty Coffee


You’d be hard pressed to find a team more dedicated to the perfect cup of coffee than Hush. As faithful providers of a quality cup of coffee for some time now, their breakfast is no different. Serving up a brand new and irresistible combo of French Brioche, Persian fairy floss, rhubarb curd, poached peach and pistachio praline will have you both tongue tied and drooling at the thought.

Fois Gras Ganache Donut | Harvest Espresso

Victory Park

This local haunt in Victoria Park serves up a frequently Instagram-ed dish that you may have already seen on blowing up on your newsfeed. Not surprisingly, because when was the last time you hear of a fois gras ganache donut? Well, thanks to Harvest Espresso, now you have… and it comes served of course with a hefty stack of orange blossom Persian fairy floss — delish.

Red Velvet Pancakes | Kava Cafe


Despite being hidden unassumingly in the suburbs of Bicton, Kava Cafe is no secret to its locals. Serving a large tower of red velvet pancakes with house-made cream cheese, pistachio crumble and Persian fairy floss, this dish is indeed a head turner if we’ve ever seen one. 

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Hush Specialty Coffee | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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