Restaurant Gangnam | The Verdict

By Chloe Sputore
31st May 2016

Sydney's Best Korean BBQ
Sydney's Best Korean BBQ

Blame it on Psy, the crazy-effective beauty treatments that leave your skin looking better than ever or just the ridiculously tasty food—all things Korean are really taking off in Perth at the moment.

So a few weeks ago we stopped by Korean BBQ joint, Restaurant Gangnam, at Waterford Plaza in Karawara to find out what all the fuss was about. And let me just tell you, this place is worthy of the fuss.

The place was buzzing with people sizzling up a storm on their individual hot plates—there was barely a table free and it was just a lazy ol’ Thursday night (hint: book this bad boy to avoid disappointment).

Super excited to get the show on the road, we placed all our trust in the very attentive waiters at Restaurant Gangnam and let them lead the way when it came to ordering, kicking things off with some miso soup and kimchi—a winning combination!

Before the starters had even reached our stomachs, our mains arrived and we soon realised we might have ordered too much, but were reassured by the wait staff who said we could take any leftovers home—booyah!

The standout dish had to be the beef jap chae—gloriously saucy sweet potato glass noodles with bulgogi (marinated beef), veggies and loads of soy sauce and sesame oil. 

Next up was the cheese bul dak. Imagine a BBQ chicken pizza without the base and you’re half way to what this Korean bad boy tastes like. Think skinless chicken fillets covered in chilli and cooked in chilli paste, served on a bed of onions on a sizzling hot plate and topped with loads of melted mozzarella. So much cheesy goodness! We were told this dish was incredibly spicy so the chef dialled the heat down a little—you might like to do the same if your chilli tolerance is lower than normal.

The next cab off the rank was the pork bibimbap which was delicious! Filled with loads of mushrooms, zucchini, carrot and other veggie goodness, it’s served in a hot stone bowl which stays put when you’re mixing all the ingredients together (insider knowledge: bibimbap means mixed rice).

To round things out we ordered a side of half and half fried chicken, because you only live once (and for not very long at this rate). The original fried chicken was a standout, you could tell the meat was top quality and the deep fried coating was deeelish! 

Restaurant Gangnam is open every day from noon to 10pm, check out The Directory for all the deets.

Image credit: Elle Borgward

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