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Stop Everything! Drones Are Delivering Mexican Food Today

By Ange Law
19th Oct 2017


Do you live in a remote part of Australia that doesn’t have things like speedy food delivery services? Well, well, well, your day is about to be made. Specifically, if you live in Royalla (a rural town on the border of NSW and ACT), you need to get your order in now because burritos will be—literally—flying your way today. Don't worry rest of Australia, they're just ironing out all the kinks in this small town before (hopefully) rolling it out errrywhere.

It’s all thanks to Project Wing (the bringers of the drones) and the good guys at Mexican chain, Guzman y Gomez. All you have to do is download the Project Wing app, order your delicious Mexican goods and wait for it to drop from the sky. The whole system is pretty damn revolutionary and will mean the difference between Australians living in remote areas driving the minimum 40 minute round trip into town and, well, not. 

Funnily enough—and way more importantly—the other company on board with project Wings so far is Chemist Warehouse, because nobody got time (or the budget) for paying full price at the chemist. 

For more details on Project Wing, head here

Image credit: Project Wing

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