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Get Your Fresh Fruit Fix All Year Round With Perth’s Own Produce Trail

By Matilda Gerrans
6th Mar 2019

Swan Valley Produce Trail

Perth’s Swan Valley is a cornucopia of fresh fruit, vegetables and other produce just waiting to be discovered.

Instead of buying your produce from a supermarket, venture out to the valley for a day and purchase some amazingly fresh and organic food. The best part about the Swan Valley is that there are fruit and veggies all year round—so no matter when you go, there’s always something to eat. In summer, you can feast on the famous Swan Valley grapes, melons and even macadamia nuts. As the months get colder, you can expect to find pumpkins and pomegranates, as well as strawberries and citrus fruits, which thrive in the cooler weather. In spring, there are plenty of vegetables, as well as peaches and apricots. Honey, eggs and other farm products are available all year round, and you can also pick up jams and relishes.

But why buy fruit when you can pick it straight from the tree? For a unique Swan Valley experience, head to Swan Street Vineyard, Swan Valley Sisters or Baudin’s Macadamias. There, you can pick everything from grapes and figs to lemons and mandarins, and even macadamias.

If you want to sample the fruits of the valley on a warm day, head to Michael Brother’s Juice for some cold pressed goodness made straight from the vineyards and orchards. To see all of what the Swan Valley has to offer, visit the Swan Settlers Market or the Jane Brook Fresh Market for a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as local crafts and art.

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Image credit: Tourism Western Australia 

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