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Unicorn Cereal Exists And That’s The Kind Of Magic We Need Right Now
By Anna Franklyn - 22 Sep 2017

Remember that time we told you all about a unicorn festival hitting Melbourne and you lost your collective sh*t? Yeah, it seems like… Read More +

9 Non-Boring Snack Ideas To Get You Past The 3pm Slump
By Ellen Seah - 20 Oct 2017

3pm is a particularly ~special~ time of the workday. Otherwise known as three thirtyitis, the afternoon slump, or the Great Hour Of Brain… Read More +

66 Thoughts We Had During Week 5 Of The Bachelorette
By Millie Lester - 20 Oct 2017

Somehow five weeks has slipped by since Jarrod made Sophie stomp on six kilos of Woolies white seedless grapes and already we’re being… Read More +

KFC Emojis Exists And This Is What The World Needs
By Anna Franklyn - 20 Oct 2017

While you'd be forgiven for thinking we only eat fancy fried chicken that's coated in mi goreng here at The Urban List, as it… Read More +

50 Things To Do In Perth If You’re Single
By Sarah Joanna Pope - 14 Oct 2017

Being single is great!—and sad—and fun!—and frustrating—and free!—aaall the colours of the emotional rainbow.… Read More +

62 Thoughts We Had During Week 4 Of The Bachelorette
By Millie Lester - 13 Oct 2017

We are already one month into this absolute shit storm of a love story and so far someone has pissed on a plant, a man cried over a dirty… Read More +

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