Things To Do

Perth Is Getting A Shark Party And It’s Going To Be Fintastic
By Anna Franklyn - 20 Oct 2017

We know how much you love a good dino-disco, so we're guessing you'll be all over Perth's first shark party. There… Read More +

A Vegan Food Fair Is Hitting Perth This Weekend
By Anna Franklyn - 19 Oct 2017

A vegan food fair is hitting Perth this weekend, but it's not just a vegan food fair. It's a multicultural vegan food fair with eats… Read More +

Let There Be Light | Perth’s Festival Of Lights Is Back
By Chloe Sputore - 19 Oct 2017

If you don’t have 20/20 vision it might be time to get your eyes checked because Perth’s most beautiful festival of lights is… Read More +

9 Amazing Things To Do In Perth This Weekend
By Holly Nicholls - 19 Oct 2017

How could we not be excited by a weekend that involves Rotto, a citywide garage sale, festivals that involve French cheese and WA wines and… Read More +

Stop Everything! We’ve Found The Best Darn Toastie In Perth
By Phoebe McRae - 18 Oct 2017

Just when we thought this week couldn’t get any better we discovered the best darn toastie to ever exist in Perth! We’re… Read More +

There’s A Pop Up Plant Sale Coming To Perth!
By Chloe Sputore - 17 Oct 2017

Crazy plant ladies and men, listen up, there is a pop up plant sale coming to Perth and you do not want to miss out. Our friends at… Read More +

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