The 5 Types Of Friends At Group Dinner

By Emily St John - 01 Sep 2018

If you’re anything like us, you dread the last moments of a group dinner (and not just because the pinot grigio has dried up). “Should we just split it evenly?” are the six words that can bring any dinner conversation to a screeching halt.

The ones who purposely ordered a side of fries for their main (who else has been there?!) start to have a mild panic attack, while the people who chose the truffle pappardelle with a bottle of expensive red happily agree to an even split.

So, we at The Urban List are bringing you the definitive guide to surviving dinner with the five types of friends in every group. And our friends at ANZ also know a thing or two about bill splitting evenly and their slick new ANZ BladePay™ device together with the right POS vendor app, can help you do just that. Yaassss.

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Posted by The Urban List on Friday, September 28, 2018

Friend #1: The Foodie

Y’know, the type of friend who opens your eyes to culinary delights you can’t even pronounce. By the end of the dinner date, you’ve discussed every type of salami, you’ve ordered every entree on the menu (it’d be rude not to try them all, apparently), and have probably been forced into the set menu. To avoid spending next week’s rent in one sitting, suggest ordering a few dishes from the menu for everyone to share. That way your foodie mate can still get their fix, without the eye-watering bill at the end of it.  

Friend #2: The Cheapskate

Unlike your foodie friend, this person actually goes out of their way to not spend a cent. Especially on food. This person often forgets their wallet at home, or conveniently must leave dinner early, slapping a $20 note on the table on their way out. “That should cover it, right?”. To survive a night out with this friend, stay local (no Ubers required), choose BYO, and look out for any special deals in your area.

Friend #3: The Cocktail Drinker

We wouldn’t be being honest with you if we didn’t admit that this was us sometimes. How anyone can get through dinner without an espresso martini is beyond us. This friend is one of the most dreaded in a group dinner situation, as they often suggest a new cocktail with every dish, plus two rounds of margaritas for dessert. If you’re dining out with this type of mate, we also recommend choosing a BYO restaurant, as they often don’t have bartenders on hand. Win!

Friend #4: The Instagrammer

Eating 30,000 feet in the air doesn’t stop this friend from shooting their #planefood from every angle. “Can you backlight me?” is one of their classic lines, and they’ve been known to request a different table to get a better boomerang. They often order the most expensive thing on the menu just to lift their #food game, and they’re totally tuned out when it comes to paying the bill so you’re often left to pay for the both of you. Try suggesting a game of first person to touch their phone pays for dinner and we can guarantee a night of smooth sailing. You can thank us later.

Friend #5: The Smokebomber

Ahhhh, this old guy. Their phone rings during dessert, they excuse themselves from the table, and that’s the last you’ll see of them. Where they go is one of life’s biggest mysteries. To avoid being stung by The Smokebomber, opt for splitting the bill right after you finish your mains, and choose another venue for the post-dinner martinis.

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