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The 7 Types Of People You’ll Find At The Tennis

By Chloe Sputore
13th Dec 2016

Perth's favourite summer sporting event is just around the corner, so we've partnered up with the Mastercard Hopman Cup to bring you a few LOLs with some heavy stereotyping of the crowd this wonderful sport brings together—if you’re a tennis fan you’ll recognise all of these guys!

The Mastercard Hopman Cup is running from 1-7 January at Perth Arena and brings some of tennis' biggest names to Western Australia, including Aussie wonder duo and defending champs Nick Kyrgios and Daria Gavrilova and the 17-time grand slam champ Roger Federer and his side-kick, Belinda Bencic.

There'll also be the chance for ticket holders to win an hour of free court hire at their local tennis courts with the Have a Hit on Us campaign. Ace!

So what are you waiting for, make your summer a hit and get tickets to the tennis, stat. And while you're there, keep an eye out for these guys!

#1. Jimmy and his mates, who are all wearing matching wigs and costumes because they are...awesome

Everyone wants to be like Jimmy. He is a real true blue bloke and isn't afraid to show it with a green and gold curly wig. Australia Day is his favourite day of the year and yes, he owns a pair of Aussie flag thongs. His mates all love him and will do whatever he tells them to do because #yolo.

#2. Sandra, who's just there in the hopes of making eye contact with Federer #goals

Sandra dreams of making eye contact with Federer, preferably when he's mid shirt change. She's a massive fan of the Swiss superstar, she knows all his body measurements and her iPhone screensaver is a montage of his and her face with cutesy pink writing that says "love". If he loses she will literally bawl her eyes out.

#3. Richard, who is in the corporate box and won't let you forget it

Richard is only in the corporate box because he won employee of the month at the insurance firm he works for, but he won't tell you that. He has a drawer full of business ties, owns a Mont Blanc watch he can't afford and he'll do his best to make you think he owns that box.

#4. Melissa, who has had a few too many Aperol Spritz' and won't stop Mexican waving

Melissa is the friend that everyone wants to be around when they're drunk, but she's 100 times less fun when you're sober—but her friends let it slide because she's rich. She lives in Mosman Park right next door to the tennis club to which she has a membership. She’s yet to be seen playing a game, but that won't stop her creating "fun vibes" with her Mexican wave action.

#5. Brett, a footy fan who loves to boo and will find it very hard to keep his opinions to himself

Brett goes for the West Coast Eagles so is well versed in the realm of booing, heckling and swearing. His favourite drink is beer, he's quite partial to fried chicken and he wears Hard Yakka, even on the weekends. When he's not watching sport he is a really nice guy.

#6. Jennifer, who will give you a death stare if you make even the slightest peep of noise

Jennifer's favourite TV show is the news, she loves a good cabernet sauvignon (vintage, of course) and enjoys wearing all white (because she knows how to Napisan like a boss). To Jennifer, tennis is not a sport, it's an art and she believes the spectators should behave as they would in a gallery.

#7. Mick, a self-proclaimed tennis pro who's attempting to coach the players from the sidelines

Mick spends his weekends teaching his eight-year old's tee ball team, he hasn't let his Fox Sports subscription lapse in over ten years and he could have been a big shot in the tennis world if he cared to play more than once a week. That doesn't stop him thinking he knows best, though.

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Image credit: Supplied by Mastercard Hopman Cup

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