The Best (And Worst) Love Matches Based On Your Star Sign

By Olivia Atkinson
14th Jul 2017

The Best (And Worst) Love Matches Based On Your Star Sign

Sorry, guys, we left you in the lurch. We cruelly revealed why you’re still single based on your star sign but failed to provide you with a beacon of hope. Here we are to redeem ourselves. To help make that quest for love a smidgen’ easier, we’ve pinpointed the best AND worst romantic matches for your star sign. Trust us, it’s legit.

Best matches: Libra & Sagittarius

You feisty lover, you. Aries are on the hunt for a passionate relationship that ticks all the right emotional boxes. Sagittarians are a stellar choice. Not only are they super adventurous and energetic (we all know what that means…), they’ll keep the mushy emotions to a minimum, leaving you in a fun-loving relationship without too many dnm’s.

If you’re more about that emotional connection, Librans are the way to go. They say that opposites attract and an Aries-Libra relationship is exactly that. They’ll bring a soothing, supportive element and remind you to slow down (including in bed). Oh, and because Librans don’t rush into relationships quickly, you’ll get to put your hard working nature into action with a ‘chase’.

Worst match: Taurus

Nope, nope, nope. Don’t do it, Aries! Taurus ain’t for you. They crave stability and security in a relationship and in life, which is something you don’t necessarily need. Oh and they might kill your vibe with their practicality.

Best matches: Capricorn & Scorpio

As an honest, patient and loyal individual, you need someone who is on the same buzz as you. Say hello to your fellow earth sign, Capricorn. These lovely peeps share similar values of trust and communication, which makes for a harmonious relationship. Your emotions and morals are on-par, too. Hurrah!

Another winning match is Scorpio. We know, we know, these signs are very, very different but damn do they have a spark. Life in the bedroom will the next level and since they’re also an independent sign, they’ll happily give you space when you need it.

Worst match: Sagittarius

Sagis, we love them but they’re a crazy bunch. You like peace, they like all things wild (they’re a fire sign, remember). They’re also focused on the now whereas your practical nature means you like to map out to future—we can sense the problems already.

Best match: Aquarius & Sagittarius

You’re a bit of a spaz, but in the best way possible. To compliment your love of new things and thinking, an Aquarian is a sure-fire match. These guys, just like you, are all about dreaming, which will get you out and about, seeing what this beaut world has to offer. The spontaneity and on-a-whim adventures will probably translate into the bedroom too. Reow!

Just like Aquarians, Sagis are all about getting out there and experiencing life together. They’re bursting with optimism and love that Geminis have an adventurous streak.

Worst match: Capricorn

Caps have a tendency to be oh-so serious about life and to be honest, that kinda cramps your style. Spare yourself the ‘you’re not fun enough’ fights and just don’t date one. Kapeesh?

Best match: Taurus & Pisces

Cancer and Taurus aka. earth and water...what a lovely, meant-to-be combo! You’re both nesters at heart and would love nothing more than to buy pot plants, a fancy pants slow cooker, and make lots and lots of babies. On a personality level, Taureans tend to be more practical so will calm you down during emotional moments and they’ll even woo your socks off without being OTT. Winning!

A water duo may sound like a risky match, but if they bond, it’s a bond that can’t be broken. Both Cancer and Pisces are in tune with their emotional sides, resulting in a deep other-worldly connection between the two. The best bit? There’s no fighting for the spotlight.

Worst match: Aquarius

Not worth the stress. We repeat: NOT WORTH THE STRESS. While you might be okay (ish) alone, when you’re in a crowd, they might call you out on stuff or correct you, which is a) embarrassing and b) down right rude. Aquarians are also super independent and you want someone to share your life with. Their moolah-spending habits are also not your style. They like to save, save, save and only spend on necessities—not cool for your treat yo’self tendencies or a joint account. 

Best match: Sagittarius & Aries

You’re a strong, hilarious, sexual individual who needs someone who can handle your full-on energy. The water and air signs are a no-no, but get jiggy with a fire sign and you’re in for a wild ride! Sagittarians won’t let you down. Not only are they on the same bow-chicka-wow-wow vibe as you, they’re all about keeping a relationship fun, light-hearted and zesty. You’re both super social individuals so you’ll end up with a huge friend group, too. Trust us, there will never be a dull moment, maybe just a fight from the spotlight from time to time.

Dayum, a Leo-Aries match is oh-so saucy. The attraction is massive and the passion is movie material but if these two fire signs explode, chaos can ensue. Other than that, they’re a solid match!

Worst match: Scorpio

You like being in charge and Scorps and their opinions/stubbornness don’t allow you to do that. Gutted. Want to hear more? Well, they’re jealous of your flirty charm, too focused on chasing goals (and not you) and generally not that into giving compliments, which is something your inner queen or king needs.

Best matches: Scorpio & Taurus

Get ready to get jacked up on good ol’ fashioned romance with a Virgo-Scorpio union. The lovey dovey feels will be unbeatable and you’ll find yourself in situations that you only thought happened in movies. Think candle-lit dinners, sunset picnics and romantic mini breaks. Since Virgos are driven by logical, Scorps will bring a chill element to the relationship and stop you from over analysing eeeverything. Better yet, their reliable nature means they’ll always follow through. That glamping getaway they pitched? It’s guaranteed to happen.

Virgos and Taurus also mesh well. If you’re a Virgs, you might consider yourself slightly introverted and more of a nester than the average Joe. A Taurean will happily stay at home and snug with a glass of nice wine and a Netflix binge.

Worst match: Sagittarius

Being a perfectionist and sucker for order, Sagis are a bit too loose for you. They scoot around with no plans and love to dream, which is something you don’t quite get.

Best matches: Libra & Gemini

As the most balanced of the signs, Librans like their relationships to be peaceful. You’re social butterflies but can be a tad bossy, which makes a fellow Libran the perfect match for you. It will literally be like looking into a good looking, charming mirror. You’re both popular and value fun but can still have those nitty gritty convos when necessary. Just be careful not to boss each other about!

If you want a strong mental connection, hook up with a Gemini. You’re both attracted to intelligence and will eventually gain a meaningful understanding of each other. As your fellow air sign, Geminis like to keep things happy and peaceful, which is a massive win for you.

Worst match: Virgo

Virgos can be highly critical of both themselves and others, and you’re not about that life. They like to be right and since you’re a carefree, fun and all-round fabulous human, they can make you question who you are. Bugger that! You need someone cruisy.

Best matches: Cancer & Pisces

Scorps, you’re a top-notch combo of witty, sexy and hard working—something that not every sign can handle. Your fellow water signs Pisces and Cancer might be the answer. You can merge the bubbles that you live in and understand what each other are thinking, resulting in a total mind, body and soul relationship. Pisces will also do a fab job at making you unwind after a long, committed day at work.

Scorpio + Cancer = passion party. Your similar emotions and morals will allow the relationship to reach a super deep level. How romantic!

Worst match: Aries

Unless you want to be a full-time fireman/woman, we suggest you steer clear of Aries. These guys have an infectious energy but a Scorpio might feel like they’re too controlling and fiery to date. You value honesty and clarity, Aries just ain’t going to give you that. Soz about it.

Best match: Aquarius & Leo

Sagi, Sagi, Sagi, relationships are something you have to stop fearing and start embracing! You love your freedom and you can still have it if you go for the right partner. Aquarians are your peeps. Their minds are fascinating, chockablock of facts and insights, which really turns you on and prompts awesome chat. Like your fine self, they value their independence so are happy for you to do your own thing from time to time.

Aries is another great match for you but Leo needs some love. When Leos and Sagis come together, sparks fly. It’s a warm, all encompassing type of bond that has to be nurtured in order to last the distance. If the couple remember to tap into their sensitive side from time to time, it can become a love for the ages.

Worst match: Taurus

You crave spontaneity and a dash of craziness in relationships—something Taureans can’t give you. They tend to play it safe, don’t like change and show their feelings in very different ways, mainly in, ahem, the bedroom. Quite frankly, you need someone who matches your energy in the sack.

Best match: Virgo & Taurus

You nail life. You need someone who will support you in smashing goals and pursuing ambitions. Meet Virgo. These lovely folk actually like helping people do well and have a similar creative streak. We picture you hiking in the wilderness, sleeping under the stars and documenting it all on an old film camera. Oh, and they’re super loyal, just like you.

The chemistry between Capricorn and Taurus is out of control. It’s a match founded on respect and honesty, which sets you up for a lifetime of sweet, sweet lovin’. That’s soul mate material right thur.

Worst match: Gemini

You don’t understand how they work and there’s a risk that they’ll think you’re too bleugh. You’re actually not boring, you just can’t have the energy that they do all frickin’ day.

Best match: Sagittarius & Gemini

You’re an intriguing, quirky individual who doesn’t give a toss about walking to the beat of your own drum. Because of this, you need someone who will bring balance but keep things interesting enough. Sagis are perfect for this. They’re always up for learning so will love listening to all your stories and fun tit bits of knowledge. Sexy time wise, neither of you will be too demanding, which makes for a lovely balance.

Another epic match is Gemini. You’ll be able to bounce all sorts of ideas off each other and give each other the space that you occasionally need.

Worst match: Cancer

Three words: too many emotions. You’re independent nature might make a Cancer feel like they’re being neglected and they’re more than happy to dive into the serious stuff whereas it takes time for you to open up.

Best match: Scorpio & Capricorn 

As one of the more sensitive, gentle and spiritual signs, you need someone who knows how you work. Scorpio is one of those someones. You ‘get’ each other and strive to keep things in balance. You also both love a good chin wag, and can spend hours on end talking about everything and anything. Cute!

Opposites really do attract with Pisces and Capricorn. They don’t aim to change you and your sensitive soul, in fact, they bring you back down to earth when you get too stuck in your head.

Worst match: Virgo

Prepare for a clash! Virgos can be too critical for dreamy Pisces and their range of emotions (one minute they’re stoking on life, the next they’re angry) can make you feel like you’re always doing something wrong. 

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