23 Perth Meals To Warm You Up This Winter

By Sarah Joanna Pope
3rd May 2016

A Snuggie or adorable cat creature is nice and all but nothing beats back the blistery Perth winter better than food. Delicious creamy, carby, friedy, meaty food. And scotch.

So to help warm the cockles of your cold cold heart, we’ve tracked down 23 of Perth’s most winter worthy meals.

  1. The Tijuana hot dog from Lord of the Fries. A vego sausage (wait—hear me out) with jalapeños, cheese, onion, sour cream and spicy tomato sauce.
  2. The fried cauliflower from Little Way in Nedlands. With toasted hazelnuts, pomegranate and goats cheese. Fried veggies are still veggies.
  3. Close your eyes and point to anything on the menu at Merrywell and you’re guaranteed an epic winter feed. Try the mo lamb rack and then double down with a salted caramel bourbon blast!
  4. The Manwich from Mrs S—pulled pork on a ciabatta roll with beetroot pickle, cucumber and aioli. Makes you a man.
  5. Time for some heavy French food! Espesh the fondant au chocolate from P’tite Ardoise Bistro. With vanilla ice cream—mais bien sur!
  6. Beat the chill with some chilli at Varq in Wembley. The lamb vindaloo should cure what ails ya.
  7. Pasta and roo—together at last. Try the kangaroo bolognese from Francoforte Spaghetti Bar in Northbridge—with roo, pork and lots of parmesan.
  8. Cosy up by the fire at The Cabin with their epic house cured meats board – with loads of pickles and condiments. Way better than a boyfriend.
  9. The coal roasted suckling pig from Pleased to Meet You. It can’t wait to meet you.
  10. The garlic clams from The Standard – loaded up with cream, cider and chives and a helping of sourdough.
  11. The slow cooked lamb ribs from the Tuck Shop – with bacon, polenta chips and topped with a poached egg and cheese.
  12. A big serving of bovine and carbs from Pepper Lunch. Dig into the classic pepper rice—slivers of beef and rice served on a sizzling plate.
  13. A hefty tray of deliciousness from Side Door BBQ. The St Louis cut pork ribs, mac n' cheese and BBQ beans with burnt ends (which contain yet more meat, bless) to be more exact. Then pecan pie.
  14. The chargilled rump from Habitue—with smoked pumpkin and chimichurri.
  15. The Local fish & chips from The Local Hotel. All fried and no fuss.
  16. The duck leg confit from Must Wine Bar—radicchio marmalade, radish and fennel purée. Downed with a top notch red of course.
  17. The smoked chicken wings with blue cheese sauce from Lot 20.
  18. The homemade soups from Tartine Cafe at 140 William. Their latest creation is a sweet potato, chilli and coconut soup. Served with a half baguette.
  19. Homemade Dr Marty’s crumpets at Koko Black—toasted and served with French butter and raspberry cocoa nib jam.
  20. The braised beef croquettes from Cantina 663. Beefy fried carby goodness serves with a cherry tomato relish and parmesan.
  21. The pork larb from Miss Potz. A spicy pork stir-fry with Thai dressing and variety crackers.
  22. The red curry duck from Chilli Orange in North Perth. So creamy, spicy and winter food worthy—with bamboo, eggplant, basil and rice.
  23. The pappardelle with sugo di carne from Lalla Rookh—pork, beef and red wine ragu. They puts the red wine in the pasta and your job is to puts the red wine in you.

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Pepper Lunch | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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