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7 Things To Do With Your Mates That Aren’t Grabbing A Drink

By Jim Hall
30th Jan 2019

7 Things To Do With Your Mates That Aren't Grabbing A Drink

Now we should be clear from the jump, this is not an article about where the lads can go to get the best pub specials with a generous HD TV to watch ‘the big game’. If that’s your thing, that’s cool, but venues for such activities are already well accredited for their services. As we all know, masculine culture is celebrated ad nauseam and there's a great need to highlight some other activities you and your bromeo should try.

So without further adieu, let's fire up the group chat and start planning for the next weekend boys activity.

#1 Drop Some Pots

Our absolute favourite summer activity is setting up on a jetty with some drinks, snacks and music while trying our luck at catching some blue mannas while the sun sets. All you need is some crab pots, rope and bait; no previous skill required. Drop them down, tie them up, wait, then pull them up. A simple, 20-minute process that might just get you the cheapest seafood dinner you’ll have all year.

#2 Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman

Ever wanted to be like Mike? Treat yourself to the most fun exercise in town at BOUNCEinc in Cannington and regress to your pre-teen self in this trampoline wonderland. You and your mates can compete on the ninja course, throw down some dunks on the basketball rings or try that backflip you were always (rightfully) too scared to try on your trampoline at home as a kid. Before you know it, you’ll be cackling at your unathletic friends and wondering how this isn’t the greatest fitness trend of all time.

#3 Treasure Hunting

If you and your bros enjoy a more low-key adventure, look no further than a drive up to one of the original Perth settlements; Guildford. A town still deeply rooted in tradition, Guildford moves at a glacial pace in comparison to Perth’s Instagram cafe culture lifestyle. Soak up the bizarre world of literal stuffed animals at the Academy of Taxidermy, try not to max the credit card at the plethora of antique shops (time to invest in a cigar box?), or just enjoy the charm of a town happily stuck in yesteryear.

#4 Clean Up Time

For those that read our article on man-scaping, this is no surprise. But number four on the list is the broasis in Mosman Park that is YT Body and Hairdresser. Everything from fades to facials and whiskey to waxing, Young Turks has everything you and your brochachos need to be looking your absolute best. Whether you’re prepping for a big occassion or just want to look your most dapper, head down Stirling Highway and sort out that winter fur you’ve been neglecting.

#5 Gather Your Forces

Hands down the most nerdy and niche boys night activity on the list is Friday Night Magic. For those who have never played Magic: The Gathering, or maybe forgot they still have a box of cards from their childhood stuffed away somewhere in their parent's basement, it has been one of the most popular collectable card games across the world for decades. Friday Night Magic is a global phenomenon where large groups get together and start opening booster packs and select random cards to then play each other with. This is great as you don’t need to have built a deck to play and the atmosphere is inviting for new players still learning the rules. Go on, brush yourself up on the rules and head down with your homies to any listed games store to see if you can draft a Planeswalker and immerse yourself in a world of monsters and spells unlike anything else. While there are plenty of venues to do so, we recommend Good Games in Canning for a friendly atmosphere that is spacious compared to other meeting spots.

#6 Makers And Creators

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for creativity and local charm, head down to Fremantle to visit the idiosyncratic MANY 2.0 building. Here you’ll find the old Spotlight building now home to a gallery, shops, cafe, hairdresser and even a local printing press. We recommend booking you and your buddies in for the ultimate crafternoon doing a riso printing class where you can make your own posters, zines or collages, then peruse the art gallery Smart Casual and finally capping it off by buying a custom handmade felt hat from Freo’s local mad hatter at Kate & Abel.

#7 Go Full Nature Boy

Finally, a great road trip we try to make every year is down to the Serpentine Falls on the Darling Scarp. Just over an hour out of Perth, the national park is home to beautiful flora and fauna, boasting a glorious waterfall and natural pools. Soak up the South West’s natural beauty with a hike, then cool off with a dip by the waterfall.

And if you just want to watch a good old game of football, here's where to find Perth's best sports bars

Image credit: Kari Shea

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