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Three Hair Trends You Need To Try Now

By Chloe Sputore
26th Apr 2017

Rainbow hair, lobs, balayage, and hair contouring—we’ve tried it all. And when a new hair trend emerges we can’t wait to get back to the hairdresser to try it out.

So, we’ve teamed up with the creative crew from Chilli Couture Pure Hair Indulgence in Perth to bring you three hair trends you need to try now.

We love Chilli Couture because, not only are they super talented, you won't find any parabens or sulphates in the products they use, the salon is 100% vegan and everything they put on your noggin is biodegradable, carcinogen free and plant based, proving you can be environmentally conscious and fashionable at the same time.

Perfect Colours

Remember when we all went crazy for bright pastel hair? Well, if you were one of the brave few who steered headlong into this new, fun and colourful trend but you’re keen to return to your roots, Nakia Stevens at Chilli Couture is your go-to gal. Restoring hair to its former glory without the use of bleach is Nakia’s bag. Got bright purple hair? Not to worry, the range of vegan, plant-based products used at Chilli Couture will make a colour change a breeze, without wrecking your tresses in the process.

Chilli Couture Hair

‘Do Upkeep

It might take more than one appointment to reach your desired colour, so you will have to be a little patient if you tried the unicorn trend last year. You can discuss the plan of attack in your first consultation with your hairdresser.

How To Care For This Hair

A home care routine is a must for anyone who’s undergone a dramatic colour correction. Nakia will give you all the info you need to treat your tresses at home!

The New Balayage

Bringing everyone’s favourite carefree hairstyle into winter, the new balayage is all about colour belting, a technique which Chilli Couture stylist Rachel Hall is a pro at. A great way for existing balayagers to go a little darker over the cooler months, this new technique does not sacrifice all of the efforts you’ve gone to getting your highlights right.

Chilli Couture Hair

‘Do Upkeep

Anyone who’s tried it will know that balayage hairstyles are extremely low maintenance, only requiring an appointment every six to eight weeks to tone the blonde and touch up any regrowth.

Styling Tips

Show off that colour belt by curling hair or pulling it back into a low bun. If you’re rocking a more conservative look, this also looks great blow dried straight.

How To Care For This Hair

Use a toning conditioner like Fabuloso Pro (which Chilli Couture make up on premises to suit your individual colour). Heat protective leave-in treatments are also a must to avoid any colour fading due to excessive heat.

Warm Blondes

Blonde is always in, but warm and fresh blondes are back! Chilli Couture Senior Stylist Tom Jarvis explains that the warmer tones add a whole lot more shine to hair and give a beautiful glow—definitely something we could all use in winter time.

Chilli Couture Hair

‘Do Upkeep

Tom tints his client’s roots every four weeks between having foils done, making upkeep a whole lot easier (and cheaper for you die-hard blondes).

How To Care For This Hair

Blondes need to treat their hair with the perfect balance of protein and moisture to keep it looking healthy and vibrant.

Time to book that cut and colour? Chilli Couture has you sorted!

Image credit: Nancy Hanna / Design credit: Gabriella Bjorklund

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