Turn Up The Heat | 7 Of Perth’s Best Chilli Dishes

By Sarah Joanna Pope
13th Jun 2016

Chilli love is a special kind of love. It’s a love that does not judge as your nose runs freely and you perspire from every pore. As you guzzle milk and pant like a dog.

And now we’ve found Perth’s best chilli dishes for you to go on a Simpsons-style Guatemalan insanity pepper trip.

Get ready to feel the burn. Here goes…

The Freaking Hot Fried Chicken | Nene Chicken

Victoria Park

Freaking Hot by name and f%&king stoopid hot by nature. Have milk at hand (or pocketfuls of rice?) when you dare to take on the Korean style spicy chicken wings and spicy sauce at Nene Chicken. Luckily there is beer at hand.

Chiang-Mai Style Larp | Long Chim


The king of Thai food David Thompson is no stranger to setting mouths on fire. Heat seeking punters can get their chilli fix with the Chiang-Mai style larp at Long Chim.

Chinese Greens with Sambal | Dainty Dowager


It’s never been harder to eat your greens than at Dainty Dowager, where getting your dose of veg involves some serious upper lip sweat. Feel the burn with the Chinese greens with sambal.

Red Duck Curry | Miss Potz


Turn up the heat with the scrumptious red duck curry from Miss Potz. Give a nod to your server and they’ll make it hotter than Satan’s sauna. Make sure your affairs are all in order first.

The Crying Tiger | Wok St Chow House


Take heed the foreboding name of the Down the Crying Tiger at Wok St Chow House—with beef flank and shallots. Just remember that you brought this on yourself.

Red Face Runny Nose Burger Challenge | Novembars


Challenge alert! It’s not culturally appropriate these days to watch people being burnt at the stake anymore so instead you can watch them writhe in pain as they devour this fiery beast at Novembars. Sorry kids, you must be over 18 to do something this stupid.

Cheese Bul Dak | Restaurant Gangnam


Part cheesy chicken dish, part weapon of mass destruction. The cheese bul dak from Restaurant Gangnam feels like a warm hug—but more burny.

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Cheese Bul Dak | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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