We Rank Your Favourite Pizza Toppings

By Anna May
20th Apr 2016

best pizza toppings

Right. It’s a statistical certainty that everyone in the world likes pizza in at least one form. 
I mean, even if you don’t like cheese (freak), you might love a good antipasto or just a big ol’ variety of meats. 

But let’s get down to it: what are the best pizza toppings? Are there any secret dark horses in there? Are we unanimous that BBQ chicken is on par with people who take up two parking spots? We put it to The Urban List team to tell. How did it go? Well, let’s just say we should be glad some of us are already in separate states.

So here we have it, all of our favourite pizza toppings ranked. Is yours missing? Potentially. Feel free to get outraged, comment on the Facey post, and tag your mate that shares your love of cheeseburger-crust pizza.

Here we go, guys. 

#26 None. Calzone is the superior option

TBH I was disappointed no one selected this. Call me Ben Wyatt, but I love me a good folded pizza. It’s like a food present wrapped in more food.

#25 Pesto chicken

Not saying it’s bad, but, you know… You can always do better.

#24 Lamb & Tzatziki

Honestly, I don’t even know how that one got in there. 

#23 Ham & Cheese

Too lazy to make a sandwich? No worries, just get it on a pizza.

#22 Garlic

Something to do with breath, maybe? Or perhaps the distinct lack of cheese.

#21 Chicken & Bacon

I mean, we all knew this, right? What a waste of a perfectly good base.

#20 Cheese

Right – don’t panic. In this list, cheese is your basic $6 Tuesday special or kebab shop take away type. So yeah, it’s okay to be at number 20.

#19 Peri Peri Chicken

You can see how some would like this, but there’s something not right about mayo on a pizza. 

#18 Vegetarian

A bit broad, but the right combo of veggies can really hit the spot if done properly.

#17 Supreme

It’s a bit of a nostalgic one and gosh darn does it this the aforementioned spot when a fancy pizza just feels too fancy.

#16 BBQ Chicken

Not judging, but whoever of my colleagues voted for this needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror. Or try a different pizza joint.

#15 Marinara

There's something wonderful about how simple this pizza is. It kind of says "hey, I don't mess around with all the bells and whistles and I'm still delicious." Respect.

#14 Mexicana

Is this the one with the the guac that is basically nachos on a pizza base? 10/10 for effort.

#13 Quattro Formaggi

Four cheeses melted together like some form of delicious orgy? Now you’re talking!

#12 Meatlovers

Look, there’s a time (Sunday afternoon after a big night) and a place (on the couch) for this. 

#11 Mushroom

There are some serious purists out there for this one. My old housemate was obsessed with it, he was a funghi… I’ll just see myself out.

#10 Pumpkin & Feta

Venturing into gourmet (pronounced gor-met) territory now. Game on.

#9 Potato & Rosemary

If they undercook the potato, this is the worst thing in the world. If they do it properly, it’s heaven. 

#8 Capricciosa

So much yes, the ultimate crowd pleaser.

#7 Hawaiian

Oh god, what a polariser this is. You either passionately love it or want to kill it. Pizza debates are the best debates.

#6 Calabrese 

You know, the one with salami, mozzarella, basil and capsicum. Good choice.

#5 Gamberi 

I called it the Italian name ‘cause I’m a wanker like that. Prawns on a pizza is golden. Next question. 

#4 Pepperoni

Simple, but god damn it’s good when it’s good. 

#3 Diavola

This is the really spicy sausage one that lights a fire in your mouth and in your mind. Can’t ever turn it down.

#2 Margherita

Sure, sounds simple, but if a pizza joint can’t nail this, then fuggedaboutit. Topped with anchovies if that’s your style.

#1 Prosciutto, parmesan and rocket

Yup. You guessed it! The ultimate crowd pleaser. Messy little thing this is, but who can turn down a slice when it’s staring you in the face?

Image credit: Alessandro Squadrito

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