We Recap The Bachelorette Ep. 7 & 8

By Sophie Colvin
14th Oct 2016

Bachelorette recap 7 and 8

I’m going to have to re-live both episodes from this week of the Bachelorette as Thursday was just sooooooo yawn-inducing. Have you ever come across a group of nicer guys?! Now that Clancy has gone, they’re all very datable, but they’re just…. Nice?! No one wants to be described as 'nice'. Here are the 35 highlights from this week.

Episode 7

  1. Courtney pretending he doesn’t know what a plane is.
  2. Georgia talking about her sweaty palms.
  3. Courtney being awkward.
  4. Meerkats.
  5. Meerkats on Courtney’s shoulder.
  6. Courtney refereeing to the meerkat’s ‘talons’.
  7. Courtney being awkward.
  8. Georgia saying that she ‘really likes Courtney’ 1000 times.
  9. Courtney lunging at Georgia’s face.
  10. Courtney says a lot of words, but never actually says that he’s into Georgia.
  11. Courtney bringing meaning to the phrase “treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen”.
  12. A ‘battle to the death’ …. At Luna Park.
  13. Sam recon’s he’s got this in the bag.
  14. Rhys reckons he’s got it in the bag.
  15. Rhys being the new definition of ‘fuckboy’.
  16. Sam not even trying to pretend that he’s there for Georgia. Like, if you want exposure, just lie so that you can stay there longer.
  17. Sam actually saying out loud “this has given me a little kick to get moving quicker” referring to his TV career.
  18. Sam actually saying “If I left this experience without you, I wouldn’t be heart broken”.
  19. That bag guy.
  20. Matty J’s adorable quiz show!
  21. Slashing off two more nothing guys – it was like the killing season!

Episode 8

  1. Matty J Being that excited about a date. 
  2. Matty J on that date. 
  3. Jake being a dark house – we had him pegged as a one of the lads that was there for a laugh.
  4. How much the old dudes were loving speed dating with Georgia, especially the guys who got to touch her.
  5. Those love letters!
  6. Courtney leaving his A game at home… again.
  7. Cam.
  8. Cam dancing.
  9. Cam nuzzling Georgia while he dances.
  10. Cam.
  11. Cam pouring his heart out.
  12. Cam’s TV kiss.
  13. Lee trying to get Georgia white girl wasted with all those cocktails.
  14. Everyone pretending that it was suspenseful when it was down to Cam and Clancy. Pfffft!

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