We’ve Tried Everything On The Hey Griller Menu (And This Is What You Should Eat)

By Chloe Sputore
5th Apr 2017

Eating a lot comes with the territory when you work at The Urban List (tough gig), but when I visited Hey Griller in Victoria Park a few weeks ago my stomach was not prepared for the onslaught of delicious food it was about to receive.

From the prawn toast and battered mushrooms to the flaming steak and twice cooked pork belly, I tried it all and can safely report back to you that everything is delicious—and I feel no shame for being an absolute glutton.

Blending traditional Asian flavours with modern Australian food in unexpected ways, Hey Griller should be at the top of your to do list this year in Perth. It’s decked out in a contemporary industrial style, with polished concrete flooring, wooden panelling on the ceiling and plenty of Edison light bulbs brightening up the place.

Divided into entrees, salads, skewers, Asian Griller and desserts, the menu is long and full of goodies that will make your mouth water, while the drinks list features quality beers, ciders, spirits and wines, as well as inventive cocktails and mocktails. You’re going to want to organise a few return visits (unless you plan on eating as much as me in one go) because you’ll struggle to narrow down your choices to a reasonable amount of food.

Kicking off with some entrees, the highlight for me were easily the battered enoki mushrooms—a real once you pop you can’t stop scenario. Following closely behind were the pumpkin pops which are served with a delicious mango aioli and the Singapore chilli prawns with crunchy kale, which took me right back to balmy nights along Clarke Quay. The seared scallops with gochujang chilli jam and edamame were really tasty too!

hey griller

It’d be reasonable to think you could skip out on salad, but the veggie goodness served up at Hey Griller definitely deserves a space in your tummy. The crispy calamari salad drizzled with a warm plum sauce is a total winner, but it was the flambéed peach salad with shaved fennel, goat’s cheese and pistachios that blew me away. Definitely order it!

Because it was way too hard to choose favourites when it came to the skewers I opted for both tasting combos, obviously. The fusion tasting combo came with tiger prawns and a nuoc cham dressing, lamb and peri peri yoghurt and pork belly with XO sauce. Everything was cooked to perfection, merging South American and Asian flavours. The traditional combo was just as good, cooked in a northern Chinese style over charcoal—the kao corn skewers were my favourite.

Next it was time to taste everything on the Asian Griller part of the menu, which I can assure you was not short—my taste buds didn’t mind though. The real frontrunners were easily the flame iron steak and the flaming crispy pork belly, which are both flambéed at your table. The char grilled lamb shank seasoned with northern Chinese spices and the double sliders were also pretty incredible.

Luckily there is such a thing as a dessert stomach, because there’s no way I was passing up on Hey Griller’s epic sweet treats. You HAVE to order the chocolate and hazelnut fudge. I don’t know if I have ever tasted anything as glorious as this gooey cake topped with torched marshmallow. You won’t regret it!

Adding a whole lot of creativity, not to mention heat, to the Perth food game, Hey Griller will not disappoint!

Image credit: Louise Coghill

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