What’s Open This Australia Day In Perth

By Mikaela Knight - 24 Jan 2017

Lazing by the pool with oversized inflatables, the Triple J Hottest 100 blasting on the radio, beer in hand and the Australian flag plastered on one too many body parts—we sure do love Australia Day. What we love even more is that some of our fave bars, restaurants and cafes are still operating (after all there is nothing more Aussie than good quality coffee, right?)

Here’s our handy list of what’s open this Australia day in Perth.

Bars And Restaurants

#1 Wildflower, Perth CBD, five-course tasting menu matched with wines for $240 per person. Check here for more details. 

#2 Odyssea, City Beach, open from 8am.

#3 Il lido, Cottesloe, open from 7am to 12am.

#4 Public House, Perth CBD, open 2pm to 11pm.

#5 Petition Kitchen, Perth CBD, open 8am to late.

#6 The Garden, Leederville, open 11:30am to late.

#7 Post, Perth CBD, open 6:30am to 10pm with no surcharge!

#8 Pinchos, Leederville, open 7am to 9pm.

#9 The Reveley, Elizabeth Quay, open 8am to 11:30pm.

#10 Guildford Hotel, Guildford, open from 11am.


#1 Daisies, Cottesloe, open 7am to 2pm.

#2 Beaufort Local, Highgate, open for all day breakfast 8am to 2pm.

#3 Vans, Cottesloe, open 6:30am to 5pm with the kitchen closing at 4pm.

#4 Toast, East Perth, open 7am to 5pm serving all day breakfast.

#5 Tropico, North Beach, open 6:30am and serving breakfast 7am to 1pm.

#6 Cafe Isthmus, North Fremantle, open 6:30am to 3pm.

#7 Aliment cafe, West Leederville, open 8am to 1pm.

#8 Kirkwood Deli, Swanbourne, open 7am to 3pm.

#9 Hoopla Espresso, Kensington, open 7am to 12pm.

#10 The Shipping Lane, North Fremantle, open 7am to 3pm.

#11 Satchmo Cafe, North Perth, open 8am to 4pm.

#12 Blacksmith, Highgate, open 7:30am to 3:30pm with the kitchen closing at 3pm.

#13 FOAM Coffee Bar, Leederville, open 6:30am to 10:30pm.

#14 Chinta, North Perth, open 7am to 3:30pm but you can still place coffee and cake orders until 4pm.

#15 Moore & Moore, Fremantle, open 7am to 4pm.

#16 Benny's, Fremantle, open 7:30am to 3pm.

#17 Roasting Warehouse, South Fremantle, open 6am to 3pm.

#18 Nic & Kolo, Applecross, open 8am to 5pm.

Not sure where to celebrate Australia Day this year? Check out our top picks.

Odyssea | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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