Where To Escape The Heat In Perth

By Kirsty Petrides
21st Dec 2016

It’s summer time, boys and girls! And in case you forgot, we live in Perth. So that means it’s about to get real damn hot all up in here.

You could make like Nelly and take off all your clothes. Or you could go to the movies where the cinemas are a consistently chilly 11 degrees. Or you could go do bog laps of the frozen food aisle at your local Coles. Or you could escape the Perth heat at one of these nifty little locations.

Yes that’s right—we’ve made you a list of the best places to cool down on a hot summer’s day. So all you have to do is remember to pack the sunscreen and drink some water so you don’t pass out from heat stroke.

Sweetwater Rooftop Bar

East Fremantle

There’s nothing quite like a bit of fanciness to make you forget how hot you are. So mosy on up to the very swish Sweetwater Rooftop Bar, in the very swish neighbourhood of East Freo. The whole rooftop area is filled with lots of lovely greenery to keep you cool and the icy cold cocktails and beers will bring your body temperature down nicely as well.


City Beach

It’s been scientifically proven that the best way to cool down is with jugs of margaritas. And what do you know, Odyssea serves up a mean rosemary margarita jug—tequila infused with rosemary, agave nectar, lime and black salt. So head to this picturesque beachside venue and get stuck into it.

Bathers Beach House


If you’re looking for somewhere to cool down, a good place to start would be the only venue in Perth that’s allowed to serve beers on the beach. Obviously. Bathers Beach House has given the people of Perth the greatest gift of all time by applying for their ‘Bevvies And Sand Licence’ (we don’t know if that’s the official name of it, but we’ll roll with it.) So get there pronto.

The Shorehouse


The team at The Shorehouse know how to kick back on a hot day, which is why they have created The Shorehouse Cooler. A jug of magic is what it could be described as, but if you want specifics, it's sparkling wine and vermouth with a splash of bitters and infused with spices, strawberries, lemon and mint. Find yourself a shady spot on their deck under one of their big umbrellas and you’re sorted.

The Shipping Lane

North Fremantle

We all know that feeling of it being too unbearably hot to even eat. Somehow, all types of food feel like they’ll make you feel even hotter. Not sashimi though! So head to The Shipping Lane in North Freo and get stuck into their amazing sashimi and an icy cold bottle of sauvignon blanc.


North Fremantle

This brand spanking new addition to Fremantle is a tip-top spot to cool down. Perched right on the sand of Port Beach, go for a dip in the ocean first and then make your way up to Coast, find a table, order a plate of freshly shucked oysters and an Aperol Spritz. Day made.

Isle of Voyage

Elizabeth Quay

What better way to cool down than by chilling out overlooking the mighty Swan River, drink in hand? Get yourself to Isle of Voyage toot-sweet and order yourself their Green Lady cocktail—muddled cucumber, mint and lime wetted with Hendricks Gin and Cointreau. If that doesn’t cool down, I don’t know what will.

Tom’s Italian

North Beach

Sitting on the balcony of Tom’s Italian with the sea breeze rolling in will help reduce that body temp nice and quick, and the fact that you can order a peach bellini with some bruschetta and calamari will assist in the process too.


City Beach

When you’re hot and sweaty you don’t feel all that sophisticated, so make yourself feel better by heading to the very stylish Hamptons in City Beach. They’ve got a gorgeous little courtyard if you’d like to cool down with the sea breeze, or an air-conditioned sanctuary in the way of their dining and lounge area. Either way, you’ll be cooler than you were before.

Little Creatures


God bless the Fremantle Doctor. If you need to stop sweating ASAP, head to Little Creatures, settle in with a beer and let that glorious wind cool you down quicker than you can say, ‘Dammit, I think I’ve got the back-sweats.’

The Emerson Bar


The lovely little leafy rooftop at The Emerson Bar is a perfect spot to cool down when you’re dripping in sweat. Order yourself a pitcher of their Lychee Tea Cooler—lemon, green tea syrup, lychees, mint, vodka and lychee liqueur—and you’ll be back to your normal body temperature in no time.

Want more ways to cool down? Check out Where To Find Frosé In Perth.

Image credit: Nancy Hanna at Coast

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