Where To Find Perth’s Best Hot Chocolates

By Chloe Sputore
24th May 2017

When it comes to the humble hot chocolate, you would think it would be pretty easy to master. Melt some chocolate into hot milk and you’re all set, right? Wrong! As with coffee, there is an art to making the perfect hot chocolate.

It needs to be warm, not hot, and it’s preferable if the chocolate comes from Belgium or somewhere fancy and is not just a powder. A good indication as to whether you’re drinking a quality hot chocolate is if you would drink it happily without marshmallows. Don’t get me wrong, marshmallows aren’t going to make your hot chocolate worse, but every hot chocolate needs a solid base.

Now that you’re considerably more educated on the complex drink that is the hot chocolate, it’s time to say goodbye to the scalding, tasteless hot chocs of the past and hello to some of Perth’s best hot chocolates. You can thank us (and your barista) later! 

Sapore Espresso Bar


Sapore Espresso Bar’s hot chocolates are no joke. Choose from the Nutella hot choc, white coconut hot choc or the choc mint which is served with Aero and thin mints on the side. We know which we would choose.

Toastface Grillah


A proper hot chocolate IS NOT warm milk mixed with drinking chocolate. A PROPER hot chocolate is exactly what is served up at Toastface Grillah in Perth. It’s the perfect temperature, super chocolatey (none of that milk warmed up business) and comes in at a decent price. PLUS, you can get a toastie to go with!



How does a Bounty hot chocolate sound? Yeah, we thought so. But that’s not all you’ll get at Eillo in Northbridge. These guys are also serving a pretty killer Lindt hot chocolate. Plus, they hand out Hello Pandas like there’s no tomorrow. Grab one today!



Sayers in Leederville never disappoints, especially their hot chocolate which is served with tons of choc bits and a mini stack of marshmallows. Throw it all in, wait for it all to melt and then sip away!

Flo Espresso


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Belgian hot chocolate from Flo is hands down one of the best hot chocolates I’ve tried in Perth. This bad boy is smooth and creamy with the perfect balance of chocolate and milk. It’s so tasty no marshmallows are required—gasp! Do yourself a favour and order one of their incredible kimchi and cheese toasties while you’re there.

Cafe 2TwentyFour


If you haven’t seen Cafe 2TwentyFour’s Wonderland Hot Chocolate on Instagram you’re obviously following the wrong accounts. Imagine a frothed up hot chocolate, covered in a web of chocolate sauce and chocolate sprinkles, served on a bed of hundreds and thousands with a giant mound of fairy floss on the side. And if that wasn’t enough it even comes with marshmallows and Tiny Teddy’s. Whoa!

Little Bird Cafe


Though we’re not entirely sure, we like to think the 70% hot chocolate from Little Bird in Northbridge is ever so slightly healthier than your norm. Everything that goes into it is made in house (no pre bought syrups here) and it’s sweetened with organic coconut blossom syrup. Noice!

Cioccolato Espresso


With a name like Cioccolato Espresso, you know their hot chocolate is destined to be good. Theirs is served with chocolate flakes and loads marshmallows. Choose from their milk chocolate, white chocolate, mint chocolate, hazelnut and chilli hot chocolates. 

BOHO Espresso


We’re so happy Perth cafes are getting creative with their hot chocolates as well as their coffees. At BOHO Espresso you can pick up an orange infused hot choccy—made with real dark chocolate, cream and infused with orange and cinnamon.

Beaufort Local


You aren’t living if you haven’t tried a Callebaut Belgian hot chocolate from the Beaufort Local. Choose from dark, milk or white (we love the white), and watch the chocolate goodness melt away as you stir it into steamed milk. It’s a real treat!

Good Things Cafe

Mosman Park

If you like your hot chocolate dark and moody, head to Good Things in Mossy Park for their Mork 70% hot chocolate. You know what they say, the darker the chocolate, the better the buzz. Plus, this one comes in at the reasonable fee of $4.50!

Epic Espresso

West Perth

The Belgian couverture hot chocolate from Epic Espresso in West Perth is serious business. Made with one part Belgian chocolate and four parts milk and foam it goes down super smooth thanks to a large amount of cocoa butter in the Belgian chocolate. Once you’ve downed that, order one of their L’Angelina hot chocolates which combines more delicious Belgian couverture chocolate with whole milk and a dash of cream.

Koko Black

Perth and Claremont

While they sit on the pricier side, the hot chocolate from Koko Black is definitely worth it. This bad boy is brewed for two hours and available in classic Belgian, mocha, chilli, cinnamon and hazelnut varieties. If you’re feeling like $7 is a little too steep then you can always opt for the baby hot chocolate—Koko Black’s signature Belgian hot chocolate, served warm, not hot (as they should be).

City Farm Cafe

East Perth

Next time you’re at the Perth City Farm farmer’s market head to City Farm Cafe and grab one of their couverture hot chocolates. They’re oh so creamy and you can get them made with all your fave alternative milks—coconut for the win. Plus, these guys are now open Sundays!

Sue Lewis x Big El’s X The Wknd And West End Cereal And Sandwich Bar

Perth CBD

What comes out of good chocolate? FREAKING GOOD hot chocolate! We’re already suckers for Sue Lewis’ divine artisan chocolate, but her hot chocolate bomb Is just what the doctor ordered for a cold winter’s night every day. It’s a marshmallow encased in a chocolate orb, which is then covered with warmed milk to make it melt into the best hot chocolate of your life. Get yourselves a foamy brown moustache at West End Cereal and Sandwich Bar at the State Buildings or BIG ELS X THE WKND at Yagan Square.


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