Where To Find Perth’s Best Waffles

By Kirsty Petrides
14th Sep 2016

Has everyone watched Parks and Recreation? If you haven’t, immediately go add it to your list of things to watch on Netflix/Stan/whatever you use to watch TV shows.

If you have watched it you will know that a) it’s hilarious, and b) the lead character Lesley Knope provides the most profound and stirring advice you will ever hear:

“We need to remember what’s important in life. Waffles, friends and work.”

Damn straight, Lesley. Friends are important, hard work is important – but waffles are obviously the most imperative part of our lives.

So as a tribute to Lesley Knope, here are the best places in Perth to get waffles.

Superstar Waffles


Obviously if a place is called Superstar Waffles, they’re going to have damn good waffles. The selection is almost overwhelming—you can get good old fashioned classic waffles served with maple syrup and fresh cream; you could get the choc nut waffle, which comes drizzled with melted chocolate and crushed peanuts; or you could live large and get the banoffee waffle, which is topped with fresh slices of banana, warm toffee, biscuit crumble, a shot of maple syrup and fresh cream. Whatever you choose, wear your stretchy pants.

May Street Larder

East Fremantle

If one morning you wake up and decide that you deserve a treat yo’self day, go to May Street Larder for breakfast and order the ‘Soul Sandwich’. A polenta waffle, topped with buttermilk fried chicken, avocado, smoked sour cream, chilli maple syrup and jalapenos.

Sayers Sister


Sayers Sister has created what is probably the most unique and exciting waffle dish going around. Their fresh waffles are topped with liquorish infused nashi pear (um, fancy), chocolate truffle mousse, chocolate truffle crumble and candied peanuts.

Muffle & Co

Fremantle Markets

What do you get when you cross a muffin and a waffle? A muffle, that’s what. At Muffle & Co, you can choose a savoury muffle, with fillings such as bacon and cheese or smoked salmon. Or if you’ve got a sweet tooth, opt for the cheesecake muffle filled with white chocolate, strawberries, ice cream and mixed berry sauce; or the peanut butter muffle, filled with peanuts, banana, peanut butter, ice-cream and caramel sauce.

Kinky Lizard Espresso Bar

East Perth

Prepare for a sugar overload if you’re getting the waffles at Kinky Lizard Espresso Bar. It is very aptly named ‘Waffle Candy’ on their menu—because the waffle is topped with strawberries, banana, hokey pokey ice-cream Nutella, and candied peanuts. It’s vegan though, so it’s healthy. Fact.

Cup & Co


This fairly new kid on the block dishes up some delightfully unique brekki options—including waffles. Cup & Co's fresh waffles come served with peaches, raspberries and salted pistachios.

The Pear'fect Pantry


If you want to enjoy some waffles but don’t want the sugar overload that comes with, head to the The Pear'fect Pantry for their slightly healthier version of waffles—that also happen to be vegan. Their vanilla waffles are made in-house and are topped with raspberry and rosewater compote, fresh banana, strawberries and vanilla ice-cream.

La Veen Coffee & Kitchen


Right in the heart of the city lies La Veen and its sensational brekki menu, which includes Belgian waffles. How convenient, you can get waffles before work. They top theirs with mixed berries, berry cream cheese, honey, chocolate and Chantilly cream.

Rabbit In The Moon

North Fremantle

Rabbit In The Moon dishes up its American-style waffles with kaya—a sweet, creamy coconut spread made from coconut milk; as well as sweet maple syrup, popping candy mascarpone (very original indeed) and then topped with fresh seasonal fruit.

East Village


East Village’s dinner servings are generous, but if you do happen to have room for dessert, get some waffles. You can opt for the Nutella waffle, served with banana, vanilla bean ice-cream and everybody’s favourite hazelnut spread; or the fruity waffle, which comes topped with berry compote and berry ice-cream.

Miss Kitty’s Saloon


The menu at Miss Kitty’s Saloon is full of good old fashioned American soul food, so as you would expect, waffles make an appearance. They make theirs with sweet maple syrup, banana ice-cream and praline. Yum.

Cafe 2TwentyFour


This gem of a cafe in Belmont dishes up the most impressive-looking waffles in town. Home-made waffles drizzled in Nutella and sprinkled with crushed hazelnuts, then garnished with fresh strawberries and vanilla ice-cream. Cafe 2TwentyFour, we love you.

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May Street Larder | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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