Where To Get Breakfast Panna Cotta In Perth

By Kirsty Petrides
27th Feb 2017

Dessert for breakfast is, and always has been, the best way to start your day. Fact. Because why on earth would you order plain old eggs on toast when you could order, say, a breakfast panna cotta? You can make eggs on toast yourself at home, but we’ll hedge our bets that you can’t make a beautiful, sweet, creamy panna cotta at home first thing in the morning. If you can – hats off to you, and please teach us how.

So let’s get around breakfast panna cottas. Here is where to find them in Perth.

West End Deli Cereal & Sandwich Bar


Start your morning the right way by ducking into West End Deli Cereal & Sandwich Bar before work, and treating yourself to the Coco Gogo. It's granola mango and coconut panna cotta, dished up with lychee and rhubarb.


South Perth

Sprolo has the perfect brekky for when the temp gets a bit high in little Perth. Their chai spice granola dish involves a creamy coconut and raspberry panna cotta, served with crunchy granola, raspberries and sweet lychees. And you get a cute little jug of coconut milk on the side to make it a real tropical affair.



If you like panna cotta, then you need to get yourself to Layup. They serve a sensational breakfast panna cotta with honey, toasted muesli, goji berries and strawberry compote.

Mrs S


If anyone knows how to do a sweet breakfast, it’s the team at Mrs. S. Their panna cotta is of the rose and berry variety, served with seasonal fresh fruits, pistachio, fruit jam, organic yoghurt and quinoa-almond crumble.



The people at this coastal gem will start your morning right with their Flinderz Granola—oats, flaxseeds and pepitas sitting on top of a vanilla panna cotta, served with berries and coulis. Good morning, indeed.

Pachi Pachi

Victoria Park

The brekky panna cotta at Pachi Pachi has an Asian twist which we love. It’s cooked with taro—a root vegetable common in south-west Asia—and served with toasted granola, fresh fruit salad and citrus custard. Yum.

Park & Vine

City Beach

This gorgeous coastal hot spot is the perfect place for a morning treat, so swing by Park & Vine and order one of their breakfast panna cottas. It’s made with coconut and mint for a delightful tropical twist, and served with granola and fresh fruit. 

Duck Duck Bruce


Ok. It's not technically panna cotta. But Duck Duck Bruce's mango and cardamom kulfi—the star of their cereal killer dish—is so freaking delish we just had to include it. It's more of a frozen dessert and less jiggly than panna cotta, but it's still like having dessert for breakfast, so you can forgive us right? 

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Duck Duck Bruce | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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